It's a Blue Christimas with new 'Blue Monday' collection in December

Official Press Release

[Blue Monday[Oni Press is pleased to announce the release of two new BLUE MONDAY products this December. The BLUE MONDAY: ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS trade paperback collects the acclaimed four-issue miniseries in its entirety, including all the covers and never-before-seen extras. To celebrate the second volume of Chynna Clugston-Major's ongoing serial, Oni will also be releasing the BLUE MONDAY five- button set. 1" in diameter, these full color buttons come as a complete package and feature Bleu, Alan, Victor, and Clover, alongside the BLUE MONDAY logo.

"BLUE MONDAY is one of our most popular series," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "With each issue, we see the sales go up, which is a pretty uncommon phenomena in the industry these days. From going to shows and reading fan letters, it's clear that Chynna's fans are not your regular variety of comics readers, and they have a hunger for all things BLUE MONDAY. Of all our product, we always knew that BLUE MONDAY would be a slam dunk for merchandise."

"Buttons are very much in the music/fashion tradition Chynna brings to the comics," added editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "To make character buttons was a natural choice. They look awesome on a leather jacket!"

BLUE MONDAY debuted in mid-'90s comic book anthologies like DARK HORSE PRESENTS, ACTION GIRL COMICS, and ONI DOUBLE FEATURE, before spinning off into its own series in February, 2000. The three-issue BLUE MONDAY: THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT was written and drawn by Chynna Clugston-Major. An instant success, it earned her nominations for the Friends of Lulu, Russ Manning, Harvey, and Eisner Awards. Oni collected all the BLUE MONDAY stories that had been released up to that point in the THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT trade paperback the following December, and it instantly became a perennial reorder item for the company.

"We have high hopes for this second collection," Rich said. "I think people who have seen the package on the previous trade are going to be expecting a lot from this one, and we hope to deliver. While there aren't as many extra stories, there are the usual sidebar cartoons, as well as materials from a BLUE MONDAY online project that never got off the ground."

"It's exciting to see my comics in book form," Clugston-Major concluded, "and I am thankful that Oni is not only behind the comics in their initial run, but have enough faith in them to keep them in print as trades. BLUE MONDAY is my life's work, and we're all just getting started. Clear space on your bookshelves, because there are plenty more to come!"

The BLUE MONDAY: ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS trade paperback has 112 pages of black-and-white story and art, and retails for $11.95 (ISBN: 1-929998-17-1). It features an all-new, color cover by Chynna Clugston-Major and colorist Guy Major. This series is intended for mature readers and scheduled to ship to comic book stores on December 7, 2001.

The Blue Monday button sets contain five 1", full color buttons for $7.50. They also ship to comic stores on December 7.

Retailers and fans should also note that Clugston-Major will be illustrating the December issue of ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP--#11, staring Spider-Man and the Ultimate X-Men. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, it promises to expose both Chynna fans to the new world of superheroes and non-Chynna fans to BLUE MONDAY. Don't miss your opportunity to cross-promote!

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