It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... Don Draper?: The Parallels Between 'Mad Men' & Superman

Last night on his Twitter, Eisner Award-winning author Mark Waid -- who chronicled a new origin for the Man of Steel in "Superman: Birthright" -- explored the ways Don Draper parallels Superman with themes of alienation following the series finale of AMC's hit drama "Mad Men."

You want parallels? Both Superman and Don Draper crumble when the world no longer needs them.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

They both hide behind secret identities. — Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

They’re both at their best when they’re winning your love by doing for you.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

Both Superman and Don Draper have impossibly complex relationships with women. — Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

Draper's complex relationships are made very clear in the finale, as Don calls the three women he probably has the most love and respect for in his life: Peggy Olson, his ex-wife and his daughter.

But most of all, neither of them is fully integrated into one identity, and thus they will never be whole and complete.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

Superman and Don will always feel like aliens, like strange visitors. They can mask themselves to blend in, but it’s just masking. — Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

This is also made very clear in the penultimate episode, last week's "The Milk and Honey Route," when he talks with the local con man, Andy, and explains how difficult it is to maintain the ruse.

Both Superman and Don are loved not for who they are but for what they can do. Tell me THAT won’t leave a man cold.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

So for everyone who still considers Superman boring, reflect on the truth that he’s one bad idea away from becoming Don Draper. — Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

To feel alien, apart, unsure what love is and never confident that your definition is appropriate. To live with a secret identity. I get it.

— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) May 18, 2015

"Mad Men" aired its final episode on Sunday, May 17. Superman will next be seen in live-action in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," scheduled for release on March 25, 2016.

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