It Costs More Than a Quarter to Play World's Largest Video Game Cabinet

If you're looking to feel nostalgic, and have $99,000 stuffed in a shoe box, you can own the world's largest arcade cabinet.

Technically it's not the actual cabinet featured in Guinness World Records, but rather a replica that will take up just as much space and still make you look ridiculously tiny when playing.

The record-holding cabinet was built by Jason Camberis to help people feel young again. The replica unit is the exact size as the original, standing more than 14 feet tall and requiring very high ceilings. Sold by Hammacher Schlemmer, a retailer that offers many items you don't need to own but desperately want, this arcade machine comes with an 80-inch screen, two 9-inch joysticks and a trackball that's 16 inches in diameter. Beating your buddy in a game of "Street Fighter" will never feel bigger. Step-stools or platforms shoes sold separately.

The worlds largest arcade cabinet comes with more than 250 arcade games already loaded onto a Windows gaming PC. Potential buyers should note that the coin door is non-functioning, so there's o need to visit Everett, Pennsylvania, to secure the world's largest quarter. Just plug this mammoth machine into an AC outlet, reach high in the sky, and mash the 3.5-inch buttons with huge smile.

(via Gizmodo)

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