It came from Slaughter Mountain: Michael T. Gilbert brings back Mr. Monster

Before there was Mike Mignola's Hellboy, there was Michael T. Gilbert's two-fisted monster-fighter and investigator Mr. Monster. Next month, everything old is new again.

"Mr. Monster is the world's greatest monster-fighter!" Gilbert told the Comic Wire on Wednesday. "When he's not killing monsters, he's two-fisted Doc Stearn, the world's foremost authority on the occult. Doc lives high atop Slaughter Mountain with his gorgeous 'gal Friday,' Kelly Friday. Heavily influenced by Will Eisner's Spirit stories, Mr. Monster's adventures combine humor, super-heroics ... and a big dose of horror!

"Our latest book, 'Mr. Monster: His Books Of Forbidden Knowledge -- Volume Zero!' collects all the stray black-and-white stories from Dark Horse Presents, A-1 magazine, Crack-A-Boom! and so on. We have checklists, the Amazing Heroes Swimsuit pin-ups, pages of background info, a 'lost' Mr. Monster comic strip from 1933 and lots more!

"We're also printing two unpublished Mr. Monster stories: the Kirby/Lee Marvel-monster spoof, 'OOOAK!' by Michael T. Gilbert and Mark Martin, and 'Never Touch A Satan's Glass' by MTG and Keith Giffen. The latter story features Mr. Monster and Keith Giffen's hellish anti-hero, Trencher, in a special 8-page full-color section. 136 pages of fun ... not to be missed!"

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