It Books Collects "Cyanide & Happiness"

Official Press Release

Since launching five years ago on explosm.net, "Cyanide & Happiness" has become one of the top comics on the web, receiving more than 80 million hits per month. CYANIDE & HAPPINESS (It Books; February 2010) highlights 150 of the best comics, including 30 brand-new strips, each packed with inappropriate jokes, irreverent characters, and deviant behavior, guaranteed to leave you laughing despite the gnawing guilt.

Featuring a cast of twisted stick figures-including the recurring characters Seizure Man and SuperJerk-CYANIDE & HAPPINESS spits in the face of every taboo out there. In the vein of the hit TV show South Park and the cult Book of Bunny Suicides, no topic is out of bounds as the comic's creators lampoon cannibalism, murder, incest, and every other subject you're never supposed to laugh at. As Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave say in the introduction, "These aren't your grandma's Sunday funnies, but that's why we like them. Your grandma's sort of a bitch."

About the authors: Founded in 2004, "Cyanide & Happiness" is the Internet's leading webcomic and is hosted on Explosm.net. The comic's four writers/illustrators live all over the world -- Kris Wilson in Fort Bridger, Wyoming; Matt Melvin in San Diego, California; Rob DenBleyker in Dallas, Texas; and Dave McElfatrick in Belfast, Northern Ireland -- and did not actually meet in person until 2007.


By Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave

It Books

February 2010


ISBN: 9780061914799

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