Issue #56

Okay, you can stop suggesting comics now.


I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I got hundreds and hundreds of e-mails suggesting everything from "Maus" to "Strangers in Paradise" to "Blankets" and "True Story, Swear to God" (how could I overlook that - we publish that, for cryin' out loud) to "Y: The Last Man," "Sandman," "Fables{ and hundreds of others.

Thanks for the suggestions, really, but please have mercy!

In other news - I'm feeling poorly.

I came down with a cold and I'm flat on my ass and my Mom and Dad aren't likely to drop by with a stack of comics fresh off the rack.

There's nothing quite like that.

Miserable kid, sick in bed, fever, sweating - the whole nine yards - and in comes a parent with a pile of randomly chosen funnybooks.

There's something almost magical about that stack. Yeah, your mom and dad love you dearly, but if they're anything like mine were they don't pay strict attention to your buying habits and to them a comic book is a comic book and if they grab 20 of them they're bound to choose right at least a couple times.

I never had enough pocket change to buy a huge pile like that on my own. I'd buy a few, when I could and I had my favorites but to get a sizable sampling from the spinner rack for free? Well, that was love in its purest form.

These days Dad lives in Washington and Mom in Arizona so the chances of them dropping by to my home in Oakland, California are pretty slim.

But I can remember those random piles of comics are clear as if it was yesterday.

There would be comics that I never bought or wanted to read, but couldn't afford. Marvel had these 52-page Giant-Sized comics, DC had their 100-page Super-Spectaculars, loaded with the choicest reprints.

Great stuff.

I can remember several occasions stumbling upon a new source of comic books: a yard sale, a second-hand store or some used bookstore. I used to have incredibly vivid dreams about discovering old comics in some lady's house in Ft. Bragg. I was half-convinced it was real. I'd concoct these comics in my head and see the covers clearly in my mind.

But now…

I'm just tired and my nose is dripping and deadlines loom and I'm not going into work today. I'll color pages at home and upload them when I'm able.

I would have skipped out on writing my column entirely but I wanted to thank you for sending along all of the suggestions for reading material for a woman that expresses an interest in comics. I'll be picking up a few of those books that I don't already have and see what she thinks of them.

There were some real winners in there.

Now, please, stop!

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