Issue #49


Lately I've been on a tear, trying to get all of the folks who email me about comic book production to just make a comic for themselves. Last week, if you'll recall, I offered up some dialogue for artists who couldn't hook up with writers…

…and then I got a whole bunch of email from writers asking me what they could do without artists.

I tell you, that one killed me, because pictures are everywhere; it's the story that's hard. If you've got a story, you can find a way to illustrate it, if you look hard enough.

I got some pretty bad news recently; my dad's in the hospital with a bum ticker. And that's fine; no need to send me sympathy emails; everyone has things in their personal life they have to deal with. This is one of mine. That shouldn't stop the comics from coming, though…

My point in bringing it up here is that I've been worrying about the old goat and I haven't been sleeping very much, lately. So, one night last week, I couldn't sleep, and tried to work on a script in the middle of the night. But my concentration was shot, and it just wasn't happening. At some point I remember thinking, "Well, here's a perfect time to see if all that theory about just shutting up and doing a comic to get one out works," and I decided to not go to bed until I had a finished twelve page minicomic in my hands.

I pulled out my xeroxed-upon-xeroxed copy of Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work, with the intention of actually drawing some art using that as a guide, but it was nearly 3:00 am when I started, and I figured if I wanted to go to bed before five I was going to have to find a work-around.

So I wrote the thing in mostly first-person narrative captions, because that's quick to letter, and used the whole damn thing to illustrate the mini.

Here's an exclusive comic, then, by me and Wally Wood, done between 3:00 am and 4:45 am, in the wee hours of December 19th and available here, only at Comic Book Resources.

If I can do it, you can, too. At the very least, refer to this Wally Wood page. That guy knew what he was doing.

by Larry Young

and Wally Wood


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