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It's week three of virtual San Diego Comic Con here at the Comic Pimp, if you haven't had a chance to check out week one or week two yet, go do so now. If you've read those already, allow me to take you back there now and paint the picture for you…

It's a hot summer's day on the coast of southern California, the sky burns crystal blue as the sun beats down on your shoulders and you can't help but thank the gods above for that cool breeze of ocean air wafting off the Pacific. The San Diego Convention Center is right in front of you, and you're calmly slipping your way through the masses on up to the doorway. The crowd is vibrant, excitable and you can't help but feed off the manic energy all around you.

Right inside the door you're already picking up a pace, happy to get a little bit of your personal space back and even happier to get out of the sun. You're flashing a smile and a wave across the crowd to Kristine, Raphael Navarro's drop-dead gorgeous muse, as you leisurely stroll past a group of Jedi Knights all brandishing their lightsabres and bickering playfully with Samurai Storm Trooper. You watch briefly as an Uglydoll mascot poses with a grinning little girl in a Cowboy Bebop shirt and find yourself turning around just in time to high-five a sunglasses bespectacled Joe Casey. You're at San Diego Comic Con and you're ready to work the crowd, meet your favorite creators, and check out all the books.

Flash your badge to security at the door and you're in…

"Berserker: The Wild Hunt"

by Jens Altmann and Harris O'Malley. Studio Underhill

In the dawn of the 21st century, an ancient evil stalks the night, while its immortal adversary seeks the one lost soul who can break the cycle of hunter and prey.

The Huntsman, a horned and robed figure rides through the night skies, leading a pack of phantom hounds on a nightmarish raid through the streets of the city. His prey, men and women living empty lives of despair run and hide from the baying of the Wild Hunt.

Only the immortal Honest Eckart stands against the Huntsman. Forbidden by ancient law to intercede directly, Eckart seeks the one man who will stand up to the Wild Hunt; one man who will be willing to bear the curse of the Berserker and end the Wild Hunt's reign of terror for all time. But the Huntsman seeks that man too, and the baying of the hounds is coming ever closer…

"Berserker: The Wild Hunt" is a four-part mini series. Each issue is 32 black and white pages and available at fine comic shops everywhere or directly from www.StudioUnderhill.com.

For more information see the official website at www.StudioUnderhill.com, or email the creators at domalley@studiounderhill.com.


by Dara Naraghi, Adrian Barbu, Dan Barlow, Steve Black, Rudy Lacovara, and Dennis Murphy. Ferret Press

Slice-of-life meets the very fringes of the superhero world.

Imagine a large, multicultural city populated by superhumans...

Now imagine that they appear only on the periphery of our tales. They are nameless. Voiceless. Rather, the dialogue belongs to the ordinary inhabitants of the city whose lives are affected - directly or indirectly - by the presence of the superbeings in their midst. Racism, self-esteem, greed, friendship, and redemption are filtered through this familiar lens in order to explore a new dimension of these social issues.

Welcome to "BigCityBlues."

This book is accompanied by a 15-track, hour-long soundtrack entitled "BigCityBlues: Street Music", featuring the talents of 4 diverse bands. From the kick-ass rock-n-roll of NO SOUL JONES and the alt-pop of EIGHTMMSTAR, to the orchestral rock of WIGGLEPUSSY, INDIANA and the smooth Americana sounds of THE RANDYS, this CD is the perfect musical ying to the book's sequential art yang.

48 black and white pages available to all retailers via Cold Cut Distribution and FM International. Copies can also be purchased direct from the publisher at www.FerretPress.com. Direct orders include postage. Prices are as follows: BigCityBlues ($5), BigCityBlues: Street Music CD ($9), BigCityBlues comic and CD package ($13). Direct orders include postage.


by MK Reed. Self Published

"Catfight" is about Love and War and CD stores, and all the other things that make up high school friendships.

"Catfight" is the tale of three outcast teenage girls, Shell, Sam, and Sarah, and their male friend, Don. Shell becomes the first of the group to land a boyfriend, but once gotten, he only causes problems with her friends. Jealousy, paranoia, and prolonged horror movie discussion fuel a bitter argument between Shell and Sam, resulting in a public beat down heretofore unseen in comics.

And you know you like beat downs!

Each 32 page black and white issue of "Catfight" is $3 American. Issues 1 through 3 are available to comic lovers everywhere and the 44 page issue 4 will debut at SPX. A 140 page collected edition is planned for release in 2005. Available directly from www.mkreed.com, or at the upcoming SPX show in Bethesda, MD .


by Dan Schaffer. Sirius Entertainment

21st century electric sex-magick to purge you of your preconceptions. Think this is just another tits and ass book? You're only half right. Unpredictable, unstable and unholy, "Dogwitch" is eye-candy on the surface, post-modern schlock-horror and satire underneath: with a neo-feminist streak straight through the middle.

Violet Grimm, outcast sorceress and arcane fetish-witch superstar, has jammed a firecracker in the eye of acceptable modern witchcraft (among other things). Every page offers high-octane high-shock schlock for malformed minds, "Dogwitch" is a smart, sexy, and twistedly funny bi-monthly series from Sirius Entertainment, currently on issue #13. Although the series follows an overall story arc, most of the episodes can still be enjoyed as stand alone issues. Each 24 page black and white issue is a mere $2.95 American worth of gorgeous art and clever scripting courtesy of the indomitable and outrageous Dan Schaffer. Distributed worldwide through Diamond Comics Distributors and available from most comic retailers. Also available online direct from the publisher at www.CosmicTherapy.com. For ordering and re-ordering through your local comic shop, "Dogwitch" order codes are available on www.dogwitch.com. "Dogwitch Vol#2: Twisted" (collecting issues #7 - #12) and "Dogwitch" #14 both due September 2004.

Also available:

"Dogwitch Vol#1: Direct to Video" (collecting issues #1- #6) 144 pages black and white for only $14.95 American. Available the world over at fine comic shops and from www.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk.

See more black mojo mayhem at:

www.Dogwitch.com and www.DanielSchaffer.com

"Fantasy Theater"

By J. Kevin Carrier. Self Published

"Fantasy Theater" is the minicomic anthology of action and adventure, featuring sci-fi, swords & sorcery, and superheroes in the classic manner!

Each issue of "Fantasy Theater" features tales of heroic adventure, written and drawn by J. Kevin Carrier and his many talented pals. 15 fat issues have been published since 1993, and the book has won numerous small press awards. Past contributors to FT include Troy ("Common Grounds") Hickman, Tim ("Mangaphile") Fischer, and Larry ("Nightstar") Blake.

Among the rotating features in "Fantasy Theater" are: Lady Spectra & Sparky - The mother & daughter superhero duo, keeping the streets of Apollo City safe! Glorianna - The barbarian warrior, a genius in battle, but unlucky in love! Phantos - The cosmic traveller, student of the universe! And many more!

"Fantasy Theater" #15 clocks in at 44 black and white pages for only $2.00 American. Available directly with free shipping from:

J. Kevin Carrier

8913 Eldora Dr.

Cincinnati, OH 45236

(be sure to make those checks out to "J. Kevin Carrier")

or just Paypal 2 bucks to jkcarrier@aol.com

Check out more of this series at http://members.aol.com/fantasytheater


By Rod Espinosa. Antarctic Press

Science Fantasy at its very best. Channeling a science fiction Lord of the Rings through the twisted mind of Jim Henson, Rod Espinosa's "Neotopia" is an endearing and epic tale set in a fully detailed and realized world.

In a world where Man has at long last learned to live and work in harmony with nature, the citizens of Mathenia live a good life under their beloved Grand Duchess. Unknown to them, she is Nalyn, a commoner standing in for Nydia, the real Grand Duchess. Doing Nydia's dirty work is tough enough, but then Nalyn is kidnapped by an enemy country bent on bringing back the age of world-hurting technological excess. And once rescued, she must then lead her country to war!

"Neotopia" Vol. 4 #1 is full-color, absolutely gorgeous, and only $ 2.99 American. Available planetwide through Diamond Comics Distribution, Cold Cut Distributors, Hobbies Hawaii, and FM International.

Trade paperbacks of "Neotopia" are also available thanks to the fine folks at Antarctic Press

Volume ONE 168 pages in FULL COLOR


ISBN 1-932453-57-1

Volume TWO 168 pages in FULL COLOR


ISBN 1-932453-58-x

Check out Antarctic Press' website for more comic goodness: www.Antarctic-Press.com

"Nightmare World"

by Aaron Weisbrod, Josh Ross, Jeff Welborn, Chris Dreier, Len O' Grady, Mark Matlock, Don MacKinnon, and Jim Reddington.

"Nightmare World" is a continuing series of stand-alone eight page stories, praised by numerous critics and fans as "EC sensibility meets The Twilight Zone."

Existing solely online at www.NightmareWorld.com since March 2003, "Nightmare World" is now also making the leap to paper with the "Nightmare World: No Hope = No Fear 2004 Summer Spectacular." This debut issue features gorgeous black and white printings of three classic stories from the website along with a brand-new eight-page story *exclusive* to this issue!

This issue: A disenfranchised demon must make tough decisions as he stands at the crossroads of his life. A giant gorilla and a monstrous radioactive lizard must decide to join forces or die trying. A wannabe Goth-rocker tries to sell his soul to the Devil only to discover that Satan is seeking Platinum. A Louisiana police officer finally shares his darkest secret with his partner as a sign of his twisted love. All four dark tales are fully written by Aaron Weisbrod with art by Josh Ross ("The Milk of Human Kindness"), Jeff Welborn and Chris Dreier ("This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us"), Len O' Grady ("For Those About to Rock…"), and Mark Matlock ("Try Honesty"). This issue also features a new full-color cover by Josh Ross and Don MacKinnon with letters/design by Jim Reddington.

"Nightmare World: No Hope = No Fear 2004 Summer Spectacular" is a 32 black and white page comic for $2.95 American. Available directly through www.NightmareWorld.com or via the indy comic pimping folks at www.comixpress.com. In the meantime, 18 complete eight-page stories (and counting!) can be read and enjoyed for free at www.NightmareWorld.com with two new pages of content added every Thursday! Happy reading!

"The Philistine: Anthology/Chronology"

by Michael Mongillo and Michael Zittel. United Comic Works

Walking the fine line of lampooning the superhero genre while reveling in all its guilty pleasures. "The Philistine" is action/adventure/intrigue/romance at its strangest.

Nick Bottom is a man of dichotomy. A scrappy orphan who becomes a gifted Ivy Leaguer, an idealistic government agent who becomes a hard-nosed vigilante, a city hero who becomes one of the country's most wanted criminals… And who's there to catch the man who would dare to be a superhero? The love he left behind, Big Brother Agent, Vanessa Fields. Xeric Grant awarded artist Michael Zittel and writer Michael Mongillo bring this irreverent tale of a renegade government agent bringing his own brand of justice to the mean streets of his youth. With a playful deconstruction of the costumed avenger mythos "The Philistine" doesn't miss an opportunity to celebrate all the superheroic excesses that comics have to offer.

216 pages for a mere $24.95 American, "The Philistine" is available right now from fine comic dealers, www.Amazon.com (ISBN: 0974308609), or directly from www.UnitedComicWorks.com. Mention The Comic Pimp in your direct order and the fine folks at United Comic Works will cover your shipping for you!

Check out the official website for more information on this unique graphic novel, or to check out a preview of "The Philistine" cartoon!


"Saturday Morning Comiks"

by Marc Nordstrom and Aaron Farmer. B-Minus Comiks

Capturing the feeling of waking up at the crack of dawn and poring some sugar cereal down your throat as you watch the new cartoons on Saturday morning, comes B-Minus Comiks' all-ages fare.

In "Kid Halloween" we join a nine year old who is destined to continue the line of supernatural detectives started by his ancestors a century ago. Kid Halloween and his best friends stand ever vigilant against the unknown, the strange and even the mildly out of the ordinary.

"Dark Rainbow" introduces us to Bill, the ultra-magic war unicorn and his friend Badonkadonk, a 9-inch tall yeti. Bill knows the truth of the world beyond little Amy Kate's closet door. It was once a beautiful rainbow world. Amy Kate's nightmares lead to an epic adventure as Bill crosses over to the world of Dark Rainbow.

In "Astrorabbit" we meet Rupert Parker who from an early age knew he was destined for space exploration. After years of dedication and training he soon became an ace star pilot and scientist. Little did he know that his destiny would lead him to the most awesome adventures in Rabbit Kind.

"Saturday Morning Comiks" is a 24 page black and white anthology for on $4.00 American. Available at the finest comic emporiums, or directly at www.B-MinusComiks.com. Buy issue #1 now!

"Sentinels Book 1: Footsteps"

by Rich Bernatovech and Luciano Vecchio. Drumfish Productions

The Sentinels, a second-generation superhero team, struggle to work together and escape the shadow of their parent's legacy.

Years ago the superhero team, Sentinels, mysteriously disappeared. Now their children have taken their place and get pulled into the mystery of what truly happened to them. Demons, aliens, and superpowered villains threaten to pull the team apart. But their worst enemy might just be each other!

"Sentinels Book 1: Footsteps" is a 216 page black and white graphic novel for only $14.95 American. To buy a copy of Sentinels visit your local comic book shop, because you know you love your local comic book shop! To find a comic book store in your area call toll-free 1-888-COMIC-BOOK or by going to: http://csls.diamondcomics.com. If for some reason your retailer doesn't have a copy on the shelf, kindly ask the good folks behind the counter to place a reorder at Diamond. For "Sentinels Book 1: Footsteps" the Diamond order code is OCT03 2388, your retailer should be putting a copy of the book in your hands in just a few short weeks! If, for whatever reason, your local comic book store cannot stock Sentinels, you can order online here by writing directly to sentinelsmail@aol.com. All direct orders are free shipping in the US.

When you've got the hunger for a smart, fun and stylish superhero romp, "The Sentinels" definitely delivers. Check out the Sentinels website at:


"The Supernaturalists"

By Patrick Neighly and Jorge Heufemann. Mad Yak Press

A killer stalks the streets of 1926 Manhattan. But as detective Edgar Drake races against time to solve an impossible crime, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Unusual suspects, unforeseen allies and a mysterious socialite eventually point to a truth more horrifying than anything he could have imagined.

Brought to you from the acclaimed creative team behind Mad Yak's "Subatomic" original graphic novel, "The Supernaturalists" is solicited in the current Previews for books shipping in October. This original graphic novel has been recommended in Previews and has been featured at The Fourth Rail, PopImage and Comics Worth Reading.

Says Steven Grant: "I didn't think there was an interesting vampire tale left to tell, but 'The Supernaturalists' is it. A deftly told blend of crime and horror genres set in the Roaring '20s, Patrick Neighly once again demonstrates considerable and growing skill as a writer, with confident pacing, strong characters and snappy, efficient dialogue. Artist Jorge Heufemann is a find, his work evoking such disparate talents as Brett Ewins, Hugo Pratt and Russ Heath without losing its own identity. A real graphic novel, and a couple more genres Neighly has conquered well."

This sexy vampiric thriller clocks in at a staggering 160 black and white pages for just $9.95 American. Printed on heavyweight glossy paper, "The Supernaturalists" features the same high production values characteristic of all Mad Yak Press graphic novels. Reserve your copy today by giving your retailer Diamond order code AUG04 2841 or get your hook up through your preferred book dealer with ISBN 0-9717995-4-7.

For more information on "The Supernaturalists" and to get yourself a free PDF sneak peek check out www.MadYakPress.com

"Swamp Fox: Birth of a Legend"

by Jonathan and Lola Myers. Ambition Studios

Suitable for all ages and based on the real-life adventures of early American hero Francis Marion, alias the "Swamp Fox" of the American Revolution, Birth of a Legend follows his Robin Hood-like efforts which gave him that name which would become legend for centuries to come.

The first major story arc in the "Swamp Fox" saga, "Birth of a Legend" chronicles Paul Revere's legendary ride, sparking the beginning of the American War for Independence. Far to the south, a fox named Francis Marion witnesses the oppressive behavior of the Red Coats and is torn by his loyalty to the crown and love for his neighbors. Knowing full well the consequenses of his actions, Marion saves the lives of his friends and is catapulted into the life of an outlaw to the crown. Pursued by a squad of Red Coats, Marion resorts to the military tactics he learned during the French and Indian War, enabling him to escape the British and in so doing making a bitter enemy in Coloniels Thaddeus Venger and Banastre "the Butcher" Tarleton. A series of events between Tarleton and Marion set a larger stage for the struggle for independence in the south, and the Swamp Fox finds that his friends, neighbors, and loved ones may pay a heavy price to achieve the dream of freedom.

"Swamp Fox: Birth of a Legend" is a 150 page black and white softcover graphic novel with a cover price of $14.95 U.S. or $24.95 CAN. Available at fine comic shops, online from www.SwampFoxComic.com, or by check or money order payable to Ambition Studios and sent to Ambition Studios, P.O. Box 562, Apalachin, NY 13732. Please also include shipping and handling of $3.00 U.S. or $6.00 CAN and allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.

"Super Real"

by Jason Martin. Super Real Graphics

This fall, reality TV gets graphic! "Super Real" is the new graphic fiction series where reality television and comic books collide!

Upstart extreme programming network XTV want to create the greatest reality show ever made. Taking a group of sexed up degenerates and having them compete for millions is simply not enough, they need a new hook. Through secretive partnership with a biogenetics firm they've found their formula.

What if they could enhance participant's physical abilities, and have them become something like comic book superheroes? What if they could find a group of people desperate enough to participate, simply for a fat wad of cash? Find out what happens when reality television and comic book fiction collide and take everything to the next level, find out what happens when they become…

The Super Real Preview book, "Preview Broadcast" will be available at the Super Real Graphics website following the 2004 San Diego Comic Con. The book is 24 pages and sells for $3.00 American, which gets you all the story and character previews you can handle in one graphic dosage. Warning: "Super Real" may be habit forming.

To order, or to see more "Super Real" check out the official website, www.SuperRealGraphics.com


By Patrick Neighly, Donny Hadiwidjaja and Anne Marie Horne. Mak Yak Press

In a North America scarred by civil war, Texarkana shines as a beacon of civilized order. But deep within its seedy underbelly, Adjudicators patrol the streets, elite police squads meting out instant justice. Fresh from the bright lights of the Dallas Adjudication Academy, rookie Simon Hills soon finds himself thrust into the dark corners of the city, struggling with the gulf between the law he studied and the law of the streets.

Since it's recent release "Texarkana" has been lavished with glowing reviews from both The Fourth Rail and from the great Joe Casey, who says "Texarkana proves that Subatomic was no fluke. Neighly skillfully delivers an original concept that depicts a new brand of crime and punishment."

116 full color pages for $12.95 American. Available at fine comic shops worldwide thanks to the fine folks at Diamond Comics and Cold Cut Distributors. For more information and free PDF download previews check out www.MadYakPress.com

I've got an announcement next week that I'm really excited about, in fact, I'm so excited about making this announcement that I've decided to give your poor uber-pimped out brains a couple weeks rest from virtual comic conventioneering that's been going on around these parts over the past weeks. There is only so many pitches and previews that a human mind can handle anyway, so the timing of this new news that I'm so jazzed about couldn't be better.

Think of it not as an ending to the convention itself, but a walk out the door and down the street to the oasis of the swank tequila bar for a mid-day respite from the mad world of selling, selling, selling. And since we're going to the tequila bar, I'm going to definitely recommend the Porfidio Single Barrel Añejo, if it's still available. Affectionately known as "the cactus" around my house, Porfidio's top of the line tequila is nothing short of divine and one of the best reasons I can think of to pull money out of your wallet on a hot summer's day in California. Anything from El Tesoro is excellent as well and hand crafted in the old world style, so old world in fact, that El Tesoro doesn't even have electricity at their fabrica (distillery)! Of course, the Herradura Añejo is a staple of any good tequila drinker's diet, but don't overlook the Chinaco Añejo either… it might not be the most popular tequila in the world, but it's definitely one of the best in my book. And if you're down for some strong agave and a bit of fire you're going to love drinking that Hussong's Reposado too, and for the price there's no way you're going to do better than that black peppery El Jimador. Since we're going to spend some time chilling out with a margarita in hand, we might as well talk some comic talk you probably haven't heard about yet… which is exactly what we're going to do next week.

Ah, yes, now that's how you truly do a virtual San Diego Comic Con!

If your book hasn't been featured yet, don't worry, we've still got many more to come. Until then, sit back, enjoy some good conversation, a little relaxation, and an ice cold margarita made with love and affection…

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