Issue #42


It's week two of virtual San Diego Comic Con here at the Comic Pimp, wherein we get to take a look at some real shining stars of the comic world, thanks to the hardworking diligence of the people who make them! A few weeks ago I issued a challenge to the comic creators of the world who wanted to get a little more exposure for their work. Provide me with a CD, either during San Diego Comic Con or in the mail, featuring everything potential customers need to know about your book and I'd run the books I received in this very column. If you missed out on the previous uber-comic-pimping that took place here last week, go take a look at some of the kick ass comics that we got to shine the spotlight on by clicking this link right here. Go read it, there's some very cool books featured that you might not have heard of before.

Around the Isotope the additional exposure has been doing exactly what I knew it would do. It got people talking about the books, it got people looking at copies in the shop, and most importantly, it got people buying them. Titles like "Along The Canadian," "Little Scrowlie" and "Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey" practically blew off the shelves this week, and on Monday I'm definitely going to have to put in a reorder on those, as well as more "Farewell, Georgia" and "Assembly" trade paperbacks. It's a simple but true equation, getting books noticed also gets books sold… which brings me to the point of this week's Comic Pimp.

Hey, you got your comic featured here on CBR. Congrats!

Now what?

You don't need me to tell you how much you sacrificed to get the work done, I know you got down to the grindstone making the book in the first place. No doubt you invested time that you could have spent doing something easier. We both know you spent hours slaving away on that book instead of sitting in front of the television watching old reruns on TV Land. And then you busted your ass getting it made into something that people could buy, maybe you put several thousand of your own dollars to self-publish it or maybe you hustled and got a publisher to invest their money in your work. And then you did all that other work like finding distribution, doing pre-press, maybe you even had to do hand folding and stapling. And finally, you jumped through all the right hoops to get your book and all the purchasing information anyone could ever need featured here on CBR. You wrote that pitch, you burned that CD, and you got it in my hands.

But your job isn't finished yet.

Now you've gotta spread the word, let people know it's here, it's available, and what's so great about it. There are a lot of books featured in this and last week's column, and there are literally hundreds of on-line columns out there devoted to comic books… let people know why they should be taking a second look at yours. The more people seeing and talking about your book the more likely it's going to find an audience that wants to read it. So get people talking! Now is the time, and this very column provides you with a perfect launching point. I'm providing you not only with some exposure here, but also an excuse to get people talking about your work. Talk about your book and others featured here on message boards, run a contest to give free copies away to the first five web orders you get from the column, tell your mailing list and everyone who reads your Web site that your book is getting press on CBR, schedule an in-store at your local shop, put out a press release, do an interview with a blog, contact store owners, start up a behind-the-scenes daily sketch website, organize a ashcan mailout to comic stores, do a gallery show of original art, announce your next project…

If you've been reading this column regularly, or taking a peek at the archives, you know that possibilities for helping get your comics into the hands of the people are endless. Try them all, and then think of a few thousand more and try those too. Build an audience one reader at a time, maintain your regular readers by providing a good product they can't get anywhere else, and then build on that audience by exposing new potential customers to your work. Make the world sit up and take notice. And pimp it, baby, pimp it.

The ball is in your court. Run for the fucking endzone.

"Across The Pond Presents"

by Drew Edwards, Nicola Scott, Keith Champaign, Sergio Cariello, Richie Blackmon, Scott Parker, Mitch Byrd, Dan Brereton. Across the Pond Studio

Metal, monsters, dim-witted superheroes and cops with worse habits than the criminals they track… "ATP Presents" is a multi-genre anthology where new stars of the industry will be spotlighted along side some of the industry's best talent. Each issue delivers a diverse range of story with gripping plots and cutting-edge art.

Featured in the first issue:

"Metal Locus" (Keith Champaign/Sergio Cariello) takes place a little over one hundred years in the future. Scientist discovered a solution to the degenerative neural failure caused by Parkinson's disease using cybernetics and DNA manipulation. Investing industries turned the discovery into ways to enhance human into the next stage of evolution. With corporate sabotage and war everyone is in a power struggle to control the secrets behind the cybernetic enhancements.

"Halloween Man" (Drew Edwards/Nicola Scott) otherwise known as Solomon (or Soly by his girlfriend) is cursed undead avenger for good. Solomon was unwilling turned into an undead monster, but not losing his sole Solomon uses his newly found powers to help mankind against the monsters that prey on them. With his crack team of adventures, that seem more out of place than he is, they battle an ancient evil in a futuristic city. The irony that Solomon is a monster himself is not lost. He regularly has to deal with society's rejection while he continues to protect them.

"Necro-City Chronicles" (Richie Blackmon, Scott Parker/Mitch Byrd) is a world where land is scares and magic is abundant. Goblins, giants and demons are an everyday sighting in Necro-City. The power struggle between the Church and police take their toll on the everyday citizen of Necro-City. Drifting between conspiracies and cop stories there is one player simply known as "The Drake" in this game that is continually moving his pawns into position to take control of Necro-City and its magical artifacts that most have forgotten.

"Gauche-Man" (Keith Champaign/Sergio Cariello) is a hero that is not quite heroic. With his inability to distinguish the difference in danger from an invading robot dictator or a rat cornered in an alleyway Gauche-Man vows to keep the public safe from harm. No one hurts people in his city unless it's Gauche-Man, and that was an accident! Both times. Gauche-Man continues to battle evil no matter the cost to the city's budget.

"ATP Presents" will start out as a quarterly 32 page full color book, $2.95 American. Issue #1 has two covers one by Mitch Byrd and the other by Dan Brereton. Each issue can be ordered from Previews.

Stephan S. Nilson


Across the Pond Studio

4397 SW Appleseed Rd

Port St Lucie, Fl 34953

"Between The Cracks: All Miracles Have A Price"

by Harris O'Malley. Studio Underhill

In the city of Abbot, magic can be found in dark alleys and smoke-filled rooms and miracles can be had on every street corner, but every miracle has its priceÖ

Welcome to Abbot, a city where a dead woman wakes to the sounds of violence, while a chance meeting of eyes leads to a pair of lovers caught in a whirlwind of secrets and lies. It is a city where a cursed musician seeks to escape his immortal lover while a writerís addiction forces him to confront creatures from legends and mythology. And it is a city where a young womanís search for love has a terrible cost.

"Between The Cracks: All Miracles Have A Price" is an original graphic novel containing five stories of one city. 144 black and white pages for $15.95. Available at fine comic book stores everywhere, Amazon.com and directly from Studio Underhill.

"The Boundary"

by Jennifer Southerington. Prophecy Anthology

Two men find themselves trapped in a dying world and get caught up in the fight to save it.

Centuries ago, a group of wizards and sorceresses realized that magic was dying out. In an attempt to preserve it, they built the world of Amonshea, surrounding it with a wall of pure magic called the Boundary. When the Boundary begins to break down, the existence of Amonshea and its inhabitants is threatened. One man's attempts to save this world lead to a struggle between the three governing factions.

Aaron and Les are two men at odds. When a spell casting goes wrong, they find themselves pulled out of their world and into Amonshea. Lost in a forest of dragons and wolves, will they learn to work together and find a way home? Or will they witness first hand the extinction of magic?

Artist and author Jennifer Southerington is the winner of a national student graphic novel contest for her work on "The Boundary." This full-color 160 page original graphic novel is slated for publication in fall of 2004/spring 2005 through the fine folks at Prophecy. For information on purchasing this graphic novel, visit the Prophecy Anthology website at www.ProphecyMagazine.com.

"Corporate Ninja"

by Matt Mocarski. Opposable Toe Productions

When the corporations of the world are threatened by the lurking evil of consumers, there is only one man that can help... The Corporate Ninja!

A local fish conglomerate is threatened with bankruptcy as they fail to connect with the newly emerging "female consumer". To help, they call upon the legendary Corporate Ninja. But will stealthy skills and katana blades be enough to sway these females' buying habits? Find out as Opposable Toe presents: "Corporate Ninja vs The Women's Market!!"

I've never seen nor heard of "Corporate Ninja" before, but in my humble opinion this looks hot as fucking hell. Can't wait to see more of what Matt Mocarski has to offer!

24 pages, Black and White, at the fine price of $2.95 American. Available at the Isotope (as soon as my copies come in!) and also at www.Comixpress.com. For more info on everything "Corporate Ninja" email Mister Mocarski at mmocarski@opposabletoe.net

"Dr. Ready #1: Cosmogeny"

by Curtis Broadway. Optophage Press

With its delightful interior drawings and hand letterpressed cover, this comic is a pure and thought-provoking joy.

"Dr. Ready #1: Cosmogeny" builds upon the metaphysical universe of Agent Slack, Bolohead, and Ladygrass. This time, Ladygrass and Agent Slack are engaged in a more open form of combat...with banjos. Bolohead plays an active role as a referee. The cover is hand letterpress printed on an antique production press.

Here's what reviewers had to say about "Dr. Ready" comics:

"...Plays like a series of fine etchings collected in one volume. I believe they're done with pen and ink and such, although the linework is so very fine and smooth that for a minute I wasn't sure if these were carvings. It's quite smooth and stylized, reminding me of fine Edward Gorey artwork." - Adam Messano, www.WellReadPress.com

"The style is pen and ink, but there is a strong etching feel, and you can't help but sense the eye of Salvador Dali watching over the whole scene. I bought the little spiral bound book and am still stunned by the style that Broadway exhibited in the tale of Agent Slack, Bolohead and Ladygrass. That, and there are banjos everywhere. A great series that walks the line between fine and comic arts." - Chris Garcia, www.FanBoyPlanet.com

"They're a rare breed, being fun, beautiful and original all at once." - Jack W. Syphillis, http://jack.f0o.org

Saddle stitched, 28 pages, 26 illustrations, 7x7x.125î, b&w cover and interior (cover hand letterpressed on a c. 1895 Chandler & Price Platen Press, interior mass produced lithographically). Suggested Retail Price: $4.95 USD.

See more "Dr. Ready" goodness at: www.optophage.com/drready1.html

Attention retailers: This comic is available through Tony Shenton, 201-432-3780, or toll-free long distance at 1-888-789-6147.

For more information, contact:

Curtis Broadway

Optophage Press

(714) 290-0341


"The Forgotten"

by Evan Young & Jareth Grealish. Fintan Studios

"The Forgotten" is about a man who has the ability to make people -- anyone he meets, anyone he sees -- forget about him. A noir murder mystery set in the dark, gritty alleys of Philadelphia, it is a mix of crime drama and the supernatural.

After an exotic dancer named Mindy Flowers is found dead of a massive heroin overdose in a seedy South Philly motel room -- her hands tied together and a syringe still stuck in her arm. A heroin addict named James Reynard stands accused of the murder.

Reynard is awaiting his trial with the evidence going overwhelmingly against him... Until in steps a solemn, graying investigator with the ability to alter memories, emerging from the past to uncover the truth about the Mindy Flowers murder and prove Reynard's innocence by any means necessary.

Meanwhile, at the University of Pennsylvania, an ambitious young student named Sara Dawning vows to track down an enigmatic caped hero who disappeared over 20 years ago, known to the public only as Mr. Mystery. She finds a friend in her cause at a local newspaper called Hero Times, which once flourished on reporting news of the local superhero activity... but has since dwindled to almost zero circulation in a city where the heroes and the deeds of old have been forgotten.

128 page B&W trade paperback. $11.95 available through Cold Cut (FGTNT01) or directly from Fintan Studios at 25% off ($8.95 total, not including $1.00 for shipping) if customers order through our website using Paypal. Retailers can visit Fintan Studios special retailer Web site section for our retailers' incentive discount: Buy four TPBs at 50% off, receive the 5th free; $23.90 total for a retail value of $59.75, not including shipping (media mail).

Fintan Studios' website:

"Genre City"

by Benjamin Birdie. Published on-line by Modern Tales

When all else fails, five people find themselves forced into Plan B.

In a city where the boundaries of genre separate the areas that ethnicity usually do, five people have found themselves at the end of what could arguably be described as the interesting parts of their lives. "Triple" Lutz and "The Sow Cow," two henchmen who have spent most of their lives dedicated to organized crime, have decided to quit their jobs. Noah Birnbaum, Technology Help Desk specialist, is about to make an enormous mistake involving a Monkey Programmed To Deliver Toner (colloquially referred to as a "Toner Monkey"). Kid Insomnia has taken out a subsidized loan in order to be granted super powers from a government controlled hole in the middle of the city, and hasn't slept a minute since. Known only as "The White Girl," our final protaganist has finally succeeded in wiping out every member of her alien race, which was bent on destroying the planet. She's not entirely sure what to do at this point.

New installments every Tuesday & Thursday. The most recent page or pages are always free to everyone but for a dirt-cheap subscription rate ($2.95 a month or $29.95 a year) you can indulge all your "Genre City" appetites with the archives, as well as the rest of the ModernTales comic archives. For subscription information visit www.ModernTales.com.

More information about "Genre City" and Benjamin Birdie's myriad other projects can be found at www.BenjaminBirdie.com.

"The Ghouly Boys"

by christopher. Slave Labor Graphics

"The Ghouly Boys" is like a cross between "The Little Rascals" and "The Munsters" as if it were done by Rob Zombie and Will Eisner's illegitimate love child.

Set in the late 1930's or 40's, "The Ghouly Boys" is a story about four little monster kids and their pet bat trying to find their place in world that is unable to see the beauty that exists within them all. Sometimes heartwrenchingly sad and poignant, other times whimisical and laugh out loud funny. It's a horror story with heart featuring characters as creepy as they are cute.

Starring Zombie Boy- an undead orphan with his lips stitched shut. Fat Bat- a vampire bat so fat he can't fly with delusions of superhero grandeur. Puppy- the werewolf with a reverse curse... werewolf by day, feral little boy by full moon's light. Sammy Hain Boogie III- a third generation boogie man, who thinks every day is Halloween. Fishboy- the slightly aquaphobic seamonster, the original chicken of the sea.

A truly terrific read.

24 pages, Black and White, only $2.95 American. "The Ghouly Boys" is available everywhere at good comic shops that carry Slave Labor Graphics. Distributed by Cold Cut, Diamond Comics Distributors, and FM International. "The Ghouly Boys" can also be found lurking around your local Hot Topic outlet, and are available for purchase directly from SLG's webstore.

For more Ghouly goodness check out da "Ghouly Boys" website:

"Legends from Darkwood"

by Chris Reid and John Kantz. Antarctic Press

"Legends from Darkwood" is a fairy tale for bastards.

Deep in the forest, under the lush, green canopy and gentle sunlight, a scene of pure beauty and magic takes place before our very eyes. The most revered creature in Mother Nature's menagerie, the unicorn, presents itself to a worthy human maiden. With the style and grace that only a beautiful maiden can manage, she draws the knife from the folds of her dress. A quick slice, the hearty thump of a unicorn collapsing into the grass...

Welcome to Darkwood. In this, the most typical of fantasy worlds, magic mingles with science, and spooky and awesome creatures inhabit the ancient forests. Something, though, is... wrong. In addition to dragons and damsels, Darkwood is filled with a few modern problems. Natives are slaughtered by overzealous real-estate developers, a fantastic species is on the brink of extinction, and a woman has combined her maidenhood and hunting skill to form an economic juggernaut.

"Legends from Darkwood" is a 32 page black and white comic for $ 2.99 American from Antarctic Press. Waiting for the trade? Antarctic's got you covered, baby! "Legends from Darkwood Volume 1: The Unicorn Hunters" clocks in at a whopping 144 pages for $ 9.99, and like all of Antarctic's books it is available everywhere thanks to Diamond Comics Distribution, Cold Cut Distribution. Hobbies Hawaii, and FM International. ISBN 1-932453-49-0

Check out what else Antarctic Press has to offer:

"Less Than Hero"

by Jason McNamara & Tony Talbert. Polite Strangers

"Less Than Hero" tells the story of the Punk, a manic depressive dirtbag who obtains telekinetic abilities through a failed suicide attempt and then decides to become a hero.

The Punk is every terrible false idol role model rolled into one gigantic piece of shit. The series features a large cast of urban characters that are affected by the fallout of his misguided heroic endeavors. You can expect to see backstabbing friends, drug dealing bike messengers, womanizing bartenders, cancer victims, spiritual cultists, white collar super criminals, gay comedians, political extremists and gastrointestinal hit men. While itís a comedy at heart, the subtext is rich with emotional issues such as sexual identity, depression, friendship, spirituality and self esteem. Not allowed in any California Drug Treatment facilities, and suggested for mature readers due to strong language and edgy content.

"Less Than Hero" is a 24 page black and white comic with a cover price of $3.00. Available at excellent comic shops everywhere and through Diamond Comics Distributors. The third issue is currently offered in the August Previews under Polite Stranger Press. Issues one and two are still available from Diamond (MAY04 2863) (JUN04 2721), or directly from Polite Strangers.

Jason McNamara

Polite Strangers Press

743 Polk Street suite 245

San Francisco, C.A. 94109

Email: Jason@Politestrangers.com


by Paul Harmon. Dog Meat Sausage Works

Evil like this didn't just happen… even the most powerful witch was once a sweet child.

Witness the birth of a witch.

Folklore, fairytale, and legend run wild and savage in the epic tale of the life of the most powerful witch that ever lived, Mora.

Available directly from Dog Meat Sausage Works. For more information on this series contact creator Paul Harmon at dogmeatsausageworks@yahoo.com.

"Slowpoke: America Gone Bonkers"

by Jen Sorensen. Alternative Comics

All-new, hilarious collection of Jen Sorensen's weekly cartoon on politics and pop culture, which runs in numerous alternative papers around the country.

"Slowpoke: America Gone Bonkers" is Xeric Grant-winning cartoonist Jen Sorensen's second collection of her brilliant weekly cartoon "Slowpoke". Through her characters Little Gus, Mr. Perkins, and the terminally horny Drooly Julie, Sorensen slams the Bush regime, vapid trends, and corporate gluttony with her trademark brand of absurdist humor.

Slowpoke was recently honored by the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies for the second consecutive year, taking second place for "Best Cartoon" at the 9th annual Alternative Newsweekly Awards held June 25 at the AAN Convention in San Antonio. Says Jen Sorensen of her new collection, "America has always been a little bit bonkers, but in the past few years, we've entered new, uncharted realms of bonkerdom. If Americans would take a moment to think outside the flag-covered box and see themselves as the rest of the world now does, they'd be horrified."

The cartoons in this timely comic treasury lampoon the Bush years, but they also take on the chaos of our cornball culture. From This Week in Geek Chic to the strange-but-true executive retreat where bosses learn to treat their employees like horses, this book is a bulging cornucopia of perversion and subversion, and big laffs to boot.

Awesome Slowpoke stuff available September 2004!

112 pages of awesome black and white comic goodness all wrapped up in a sexy 8" x 8" squarebound book for just $12.95 American. Available through Diamond Comic Distributors (JUL04 2537), Cold Cut Distributors, FM International, MarsImport.com, Amazon.com and through bookstores everywhere. ISBN 1-891867-78-4

For more information on by Jen Sorensen's funny, hip, smart, subversive, and multiple-award winning work check out her official website at www.SlowpokeComics.com or email Jen directly at jen@slowpokecomics.com.

"Street Angel"

by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. Slave Labor Graphics

Orphan of the streets and skateboarding daughter of justice, Jesse Sanchez fights a never-ending battle against the forces of evil, nepotism, ninjas, and hunger as Street Angel!

This post-modern superhero series defies description but has been compared to the Flaming Carrot, the Goon, Hellboy, Stray Bullets, the Tick, Love and Rockets, the work of Frank Miller, Dan Clowes, and Mike Allred. Street Angel kicks the living shit out of the boundaries of the superhero genre with elements of comedy, adventure, action, kung fu, horror, sci-fi, history, drama, metafiction, romance, and suspense.

Issue 1: Dr. Pangea's Continental Conundrum

When an evil geologist escapes from prison with a plan to re-Pangeaify the earth's continents, Angel City's corrupt mayor reluctantly enlists the aid of his arch-nemesis, the 13 year-old Street Angel. But first she'll have to fight her way through an army of ninja henchmen.

Issue 2: Inca Dinka Doom

The Incan empire stands on the precipice of collapse. But their all-powerful Sun god has one more trick up his sleeve. Pirates, ninjas, Irish astronauts, Incas, and Conquistadors street fight with Street Angel stuck in the middle. Also, a special guest appearance by Cortez!

Issue 3: Going Street to Hell!

A critically injured Street Angel, a band of vile Satanists, a homeless shelter/church in a ghetto, and the return of the Bald Eagle set the stage for a fight that just might replace the Alamo in American lore.

Each self-contained, quarterly issue of Street Angel is 24 black-and-white pages for $2.95. Available, in stock, and ready for reorder from Diamond at anytime for delivery the following week. Also available directly from the publisher at www.SlaveLabor.com.

Every issue of "Street Angel" is like a full dinner complete with amuse bouche, aperitif, appetizer, intermezzo, entrée, fromage and digestif. And Misters Rugg and Maruca don't forget to keep your scotch glass full, either. See more previews at www.StreetAngelComics.com

"Styx Taxi: A Little Twilight Music"

by Steven Goldman, Elizabeth Genco, Dan Goldman, Leland Purvis and Rami Efal. FWDbooks

Catch a cab to the afterlife!

Everyone dies...but the truly fortunate see a taxi cab pull up as their souls leave their bodies, offering them a ride. Provided by the mysterious Dispatch, the drivers of "Styx Taxi" - spirits that possess the bodies of living cabbies - offer the souls they serve two hours in which to fulfill one last desire, make peace with their lives and leave this world content.

Three creative teams put their stamp on the world of "Styx Taxi" in one offbeat, music-oriented one-shot! Dispatch shows off her voice during a city emergency, Charon tests the rules of the Taxi when he falls in love with a beautiful violinist, and a subway singer heads back to her old busking grounds to say goodbye to her favorite fan.

"Stix Taxi: A Little Twilight Music" is a 24 page black and white one-shot for a mere $3.00. Available for pre-order right now from Diamond Distributors with the order code AUG04 2775. Check out page **** of the August edition of Previews to see more or contact "Styx Taxi" creator Steven Goldman at steven@fwdbooks.com.

"Twilight X"

by Joseph Wight. Antarctic Press

"Twilight X" is a unique post-apocalyptic military romp, blending a yeomanlike, even obsessive attention to hardware detail with a sumptuously cinematic approach to its striking and engagingly spectacle-laden storytelling.

The year is 2002. After eleven years of war, the First World has collapsed. Desolate radioactive wastelands cover the globe, stretching across Europe, Japan and Israel. The Soviet Union has fallen under the iron grip of former Russian mafia and military commanders. Civil war has ravaged the United States and left it a country divided, ragged and without hope. Throughout the world, self-appointed lords and tyrants take what they want with force and brutality.

Now, five strangers have banded together to find purpose in the midst of violence and apathy. After war, before peace...

"Twilight X" is a 32 page black and white comic from Antarctic Press for $2.99 American. Also available as three volumes in that sexy graphic novel format you love so much! Available everywhere thanks to Diamond Comics Distribution, Cold Cut Distribution. Hobbies Hawaii, and FM International.

Find out what else the folks at Antarctic Press have to offer:

"You Chose Right The First Time"

by Chris Nicholas and David Lamplugh. Self-published

An engaging slice of neo-noir crime fiction set during the turbulence of late 60's Chicago.

"You Chose Right The First Time" is a self-published mini-comic set during the Chicago riots that surrounded the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Trust comic's finest comic reviewer Randy Lander of TheFourthRail when he says that "You Chose Right The First Time" is a "witty, well-researched crime fiction set in a very believable Chicago, around the time of the '68 Democratic National Convention. Hippies. Guns. Riots. If "You Chose Right The First Time" doesn't have it, then you don't want it."

"You Chose Right The First Time" may be purchased at the Isotope in San Francisco, most Austin, TX comic shops, or ordered directly from YCRTFT at ycrtft@comic.com. Prices are $1.50 for #1 and $2.50 for #2 plus $1 for s/h.

Chris Nicholas and Dave Lamplugh are active members of the Austin Sketch Underground and are busy organizing a small press/indie/web and mini-comic alternative arts expo for 2005. If you live in the Austin area and are interested in participating drop them a line at ycrtft@comic.com.

Another fine selection of cool comics from the four corners of the comic world!

Once again, I absolutely encourage you to hunt down the books featured in this column that catch your attention. Buy a couple books, send off a couple emails to the creators, making comics is a very isolated world and creators always love hearing that people out there are enjoying their work. And as always, support your local shop and pick up or order whichever comics you can through them… without a doubt they appreciate your patronage.

Come back next week for week three of The Comic Pimp's virtual San Diego Comic Con, and enjoy another heaping helping of cool comics and great graphic novels that you might not see anywhere else.

Talk about comics! The Comic Pimp forum awaits.

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