Issue #28

This week it's not really a BUY MY BOOKS column as much as it's a Buy My BOOK column. Y'know, singular -- as in one book. For this week--forget all those others. This week it's all about "The Astounding Wolf-Man!"

"AWM," as I like to call it, was born of my desire to work more with Jason Howard. You all know Jason, he and I did that issue of "The Pact" mini-series a year or so ago. Issue 4, I believe. What? You don't have that issue? Well, then you must be one of the few--it sold better than "Civil War." Shame on you for missing it. Anyway, Jason is a talented fella and in his free time, after we had done that issue of "The Pact," he did a Science Dog pin-up for me to print in "Invincible." Around that same time, I'd been kicking around the idea of a werewolf superhero.

Seeing as how Science Dog is all furry and stuff--and Jason did such an amazing job on the pin-up (that you can see in some back-issue of "Invincible" I choose not to look up)-- I figured he'd be the perfect candidate to flesh out this new concept. Turns out I was right. Jason and I have been working behind the scenes on this book for some months and it's an honor and a privilege to finally get to share it with the world. Image Comics, publisher supreme, was kind enough to make our first issue their Free Comic Book Day offering of the year.

So really, I'm not even asking you cats to buy my book. I'm just asking you to go to a store on May 5th and pick it up. How cool is that?

"The Astounding Wolf-Man" is the story of workaholic CEO Gary Hampton. While on a rare family vacation, he's bitten by a werewolf. Cursed to live his nights as a werewolf, Gary works to use these evil powers for the greater good. Werewolves are evil by design and this book is about the struggle to do good when your body is meant for evil. It's a horrible curse being a werewolf, but what Gary does have going for him is that he is incredibly wealthy. His alter-ego is therefore incredibly well-funded. "The Astounding Wolf-Man" is a full-on costume- wearin', lair-havin' superhero!

(No, I didn't just copy that from the press release--I swear)

Anyway, for me the book is like a fun mix between "Invincible" and "The Walking Dead." It's the best of both worlds, really. It's got the action-packed super-hero stuff from "Invincible" and the moody, dramatic, horror stuff from "The Walking Dead." So theoretically, it should sell as much as both those books combined, right? Right?!

Either way, Jason and I have had a blast putting it together and we hope you can make it out to your local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day to grab yourself a copy.

Here are the first 7 pages (also free) and the covers for issues1-3. Enjoy!   And if you like what you see, starting with issue #2 (because the first one's free --did I mention that?) BUY MY BOOK!

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