Issue #27

Okay, so by now everyone knows about most of my current projects. You'll have to forgive me for pimping them so much lately, but it's hard not to have work just swallowed up in this business, so if I tell you about what I've got coming out -- MORTAL SOULS (available now), MY FLESH IS COOL (June) and SACRILEGE (tba) from Avatar; THE BADLANDS SCREENPLAY BOOK (June), BADLANDS (July), VIDEOACTIVE (tba), RED SUNSET (tba), WHISPER: DAY X (tba), and the MASTER OF THE OBVIOUS collection (tba) from AIT/PlanetLar Books; SOCORRO (tba), PALADINS (tba) and GUILTY (tba) from Platinum; DC FIRSTS:BATGIRL/JOKER (May) from DC Comics; with much more to come – it's because I've got a few thousand readers per week, and a few thousand is the difference between life and death in the comics business today.

And it occurred to me, especially since I'm on the road this week and don't have time to actually write a column but I hate reruns and I hate empty spaces more, that a number of my confederates could benefit by revealing their upcoming projects here. So I sent out a number of invitations, that this is what came back:

Denis Rodier, artist: Right now, I'm penciling, inking and coloring "The M-Team" for OWL magazine (Toronto). It's a monthly 3 page superhero strip aimed at 9 to 13 year old readers. Also, I'm doing the art for a monthly 2 page strip for SAFARIR, a French humor magazine in the MAD vein. On the commercial art front, I'm finishing a website for Tony Levin (bass player for such artists as Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, Paul Simon) and I recently received an honorable mention at The Sydney Taylor Book Awards for a book I illustrated for Lobster Press called SHOES FOR AMELIE.

Eric Shanower, writer-illustrator: AGE OF BRONZE--BEHIND THE SCENES: Come take a peek at the characters, the settings, and the process behind the Eisner Award-winning series which retells in dramatic detail the Trojan War legend. AGE OF BRONZE #14 returns to the story with the Achaeans thwarted in their attempt to reach Troy.

George Pratt, illustrator: WOLVERINE: NETSUKE. A four-issue mini-series I'm writing and painting for Marvel Comics. Most of the series takes place in feudal Japan with plenty of samurai action. And Mariko is back. I'm also working on a new film documentary, ART FROM THE TRENCHES, about the eight American artists sent to the front during WWI to provide a human document of the war.

Adisakdi Tantimedh, writer: JLA: THE AGE OF WONDER (DC Comics, 2-issue, prestige format), art by P. Craig Russell and Galen Showman. Imagine if H.G. Wells and Jules Verne had co-written a Superman and Justice League story. A historical epic that begins in 1876 and details the effects a Superman and his fellow scientific adventurers have on the world as they push the Industrial Revolution and technological advance into a vastly different world from our own. But every Age of Wonder has its shadows, and by 1912, the League will have to endure betrayal, heartbreak, political greed, and a devastating First World War in which the Prussians have the Atomic Bomb. Slated for a late 2002 release.

Terry Beatty, illustrator: BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES Regular inker on this monthly series; 6 page sequence pencilled and inked for #49. SCARY MONSTERS magazine, painted covers every issue. Horror-themed trading card set for Monsterwax Productions. Cover art for TOGETHER WE KILL, a hardcover collection of Mickey Spillane short stories from Five Star Press. Spot illos for KITBUILDERS magazine featuring their mascot "Kit."

Len Wein, writer: I'm currently writing THE VICTORIAN, an ongoing monthly from Penny-Farthing Press, drawn until recently by Jim Baikie, and now by a really terrific new kid named Claude St. Aubin; BATMAN: NEVERMORE, a five-issue Elseworlds mini-series in which Batman meets and teams up with Edgar Allan Poe, drawn by Guy Davis, with painted covers by Bernie Wrightson; and, of course, Marv Wolfman and I just finished the second draft of our upcoming live-action feature, THE GENE POOL.

Gary Spence Millidge, writer-illustrator: STRANGEHAVEN #14 - new issue of the award-winning self-published book which Alan Moore describes as "soap opera noir" - due for publication in June 2002. 24 b/w pages of painted comics plus articles, letters and a fully-painted full colour cover. Everything by me.

Nat Gertler, writer: PANEL TWO: MORE COMIC BOOK SCRIPTS BY TOP WRITERS, an anthology of scripts for those interested in the making of comics. This is a follow-up to the just-released Panel One, which has scripts by Busiek, Gaiman, two Smiths, and more. This second book is still in the picking-the-scripts phase, and I expect it to be released late in 2002. See About Comics for more information on this series. THE PROXY: this is a humorous graphic novel that I wrote for Platinum Press. The release date has not yet been announced.

Jimmy Palmiotti, everything: Writing: SUPERBOY for DC till #100. CHASTITY one shot, written with Justin Grey for Chaos. 21 DOWN, a new series that starts in September, again with Justin Gray, for Wildstorm, and BEAUTIFUL KILLER , drawn by Phil Noto for Black Bull, coming in July. Editing: JUST A PILGRIM: GARDEN OF EDEN for Black Bull, by Garth Ennis. Inking: assorted STAR WARS stories for Dark Horse, including the free comic day book from DH. SCI-SPY, for Vertigo, a 6 issue limited series. MIDNIGHT, MASS for Vertigo, a 8 issue limited series. THE PRO from Image, written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Amanda Conner, for July. CODENAME:KNOCKOUT #13 and 14, pencils by Amanda Conner, and, coming from Marvel Max, MASTER OF KUNG FU, over Paul Gulacy. Now I must rest...

Bob Ingersoll, lawyer-writer: My current project is my column "The Law is a Ass" for Comics Buyer's Guide. Achieves of the column can be found at WFComics.

Marv Wolfman, writer-producer: THE GENE POOL, a live action super-hero movie. A team of strangers with powers comes together when they learn they're being hunted. Co-writer and co-associate Producer with Len Wein.

Dan Brereton, writer-painter-illustrator: currently working on the first of four issues of BIRDS OF PREY for DC, pencils and inks, but in a vein that suggests painting rather than straight inking. Penciling and inking the opening sequence in the final issue of ULTIMATE TEAM-UP, a 64 page finale jam issue packed with dozens of artists and many characters appearing with Spider-man in the story. My sequence involves Spider-man and Blade. A fully painted short story (fully painted) in the upcoming SIMPSON'S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR for this year, written by Ian Boothby. A short story in matt Wagner's GRENDEL RED AND BLACK.

Brian Wood, writer-god of design: FIGHT FOR TOMORROW, 6 issue DC/Vertigo mini-series starting late summer, with art by Denys Cowan and Kent Williams. A modern, gritty NYC take on the Hong Kong kung fu action movie genre, dealing with two orphaned teens struggling with a violent past that refuses to leave them alone. POUNDED, 3-issue mini Oni Press mini-series starting late March, with art by Steve Rolston. A tale of broken hearts and busted heads that follows punk rock wannabe Heavy Parker as he¹s forced to confront Missy, his pissed off ex-girlfriend, and the stone cold reality she brings with her. Cover artist for Warren Ellis' GLOBAL FREQUENCY. Cover designer for Steven Grant and Vince Giarrano's BADLANDS projects, and misc. covers for many AIT/PlanetLar projects.

Trina Robbins, writer-artist, underground icon: My next book, due out in Summer, 2002, is called TENDER MURDERS: WOMEN WHO KILL. It's about (duh!) women who kill, from Charlotte Corday to Aileen Wuornos, with stops in between for the likes of Belle Gunness, Lizzie Borden (How could I leave her out?), and Beulah Annan, among others. Bet you never heard of Beulah Annan! But you have heard of the musical, "Chicago," and Roxie Hart, right? Beulah was the real-life inspiration for Roxie.

Joe Casey, writer: WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 (art by Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend, DC/Wildstorm). AUTOMATIC KAFKA (created with artist Ashley Wood, DC/Wildstorm). ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (art by Derec Aucoin & various, DC). THE DARWIN THEORY (creator-owned with artist Ben Templesmith, DC/Vertigo). IMMIGRANT SONG (creator-owned, art by Jason Latour, Funk-O-Tron). HIP FLASK: UNNATURAL SELECTION (with Richard Starkings and Ladronn, Active Images). KISS (art by Mel Rubi, Dark Horse). UNCANNY X-MEN (art by Sean Phillips, Marvel).

Mike Zeck, artist: A 4-issue arc of G. I. JOE covers beginning in May. A 12-issue arc of AZRAEL cover layouts beginning this month, with finishes by Jerry Ordway, and Jerry and I plan to continue our "layouts and finishes" style later this year with a multi-part LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT (interiors and covers). It looks like DAMNED will finally be in trade paperback form this year, and I'm still managing a list of requests for COVER RE-CREATIONS (scans of those, and updated news on the above projects are available on my site).

Sholly Fisch, writer: Stories in most issues of LOONEY TUNES and CARTOON CARTOONS from DC. Personal favorites include "Comic Relief" (LOONEY TUNES #88, on sale now -- the comic book equivalent of Daffy Duck's classic battle with the animator in "Duck Amuck") and "Wish List" (LOONEY TUNES #91, scheduled for June -- Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer. Need I say more?). I also wrote the '70s story, "Firm Commitments" in FIVE DECADES OF THE X-MEN (BP Books, on sale now), a personal favorite, a suspenseful novella about mutants, conspiracies, and good old-fashioned neurological research; BATMAN BEYOND:GROUNDED (children's book from Random House, scheduled for May) -- Why is Bruce putting on the costume one more time to go after the Royal Flush Gang? Well, you see, Terry's been grounded by his mom…; and GEN13: VERSION 2.0 (novel from Ace and BP Books, scheduled for June) -- Which poses the greater threat to Gen13: Kat's doubts about her future, or the unexpected menace that has the team outnumbered and way outpowered?

Shannon Wheeler, cartoonist: TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN magazine. It's a humor magazine that hosts my comics as well as articles, interviews, and comic talents greater than my own (Rick Geary, Tony Millionare, Peter Kuper, Kieron Dwyer, Keith Knight, and more). Coffee is a starting point for the magazine, but it's really a culture critique. Articles in the latest issue include "why patriotism makes you stupid" and "advice from a felon". It's funny even if you have trouble reading. Order a sample copy for $5 from Adhesive Press, Box 14549, Portland OR 97293. A 6 issue (1 year) subscription is $25.

Rik Hoskin, writer: I'm writing a wealth of licensed Disney comic strips for the UK market through BBC Worldwide for two publications: DISNEY'S COMIC (launching April) and DISNEY'S BIG TIME. Strips include "TEAMO SUPREMO", "TEACHER'S PET", "LLOYD IN SPACE" and "THE PROUD FAMILY." I believe these go into syndication after publication, so it's entirely possible they'll get reprinted in the European and US equivalent magazines and so on. I'm also writing several strips for tiny UK based horror publisher Chimera Arts --- a revival of Skywald's "THE HEAP," along with self-created "AGENTS OF PSYENCE" and "DEATHRIDGE & RANKE." Publication dates are all sometime towards the latter half of the year in one of their three anthologies (BEDLAM, USHER and a forthcoming new title).

Cully Hamner, artist: BATMAN: TENSES (DC Comics), written by Joe Casey: The Dark Knight has to reconcile his own War on Crime with his billionaire alter-ego's effect on society-at-large (personified by loser/clairvoyant Ted Krosby). Oh, yeah, and he kicks some ass while he's at it. And there's lots of snow. RED (DC/WildStorm), written by Warren Ellis: Paul Moses is a former CIA killer, now retired and living a quiet life. When his own government tries to dispose of him in his own home, bloody carnage ensues. A revenge-filled funfest for children of all ages.

Ernie Colon, : The site includes many talents in cartooning. My contribution is called "Doodlemovies"- a series of short stories without dialogue and – definitely - without superheroes. Currently working on Archie and his friends with great pleasure. Painting murals on commission and not doing real estate!

Charlie Adlard, artist: THE ESTABLISHMENT from Wildstorm which is ongoing. THE TOOTH FAIRY - a prequel comic to the movie out soon, apparently, published by Distant Corners [the people behind the BLAIR WITCH comic I drew a while back] and written by Joe Harris - who also wrote the screenplay... And it'll have wonderful colouring by Avalon studios. And lastly - MUTIES, issue 5, from Marvel - which is all about drugs, man - but I'm looking forward to doing that one because it gives me a chance to experiment a little... who'd have said THAT about Marvel a few years back...

Peter David, writer of stuff : Monthly titles: CAPTAIN MARVEL (Marvel Comics), SUPERGIRL (DC), YOUNG JUSTICE (DC). Bi-monthly: SOULSEARCHERS AND COMPANY (Claypool). Limited series: THE HAUNTED (Chaos!). Novels: Novelization of the upcoming Spider-Man movie (April, Del Rey); KNIGHT LIFE (updated edition of the fantasy novel, June, Penguin-Putnam); SIR APROPOS OF NOTHING (paperback edition of adventures of roguish bastard squire, July, Pocket); THE WOAD TO WUIN (sequel to Apropos, August, Pocket).

Sean Phillips, artist: Eight issues of UNCANNY X-MEN (including this month's #404), a few pages of Spidey and the Human Torch in the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN SPECIAL, SPIDER-MAN'S TANGLED WEB #13, BATMAN #603 and a new monthly for Wildstorm's mature readers line, SLEEPER with Ed Brubaker. I think that's it for this year...

Bob McLeod, inker: I'm inking several issues of LEFT BEHIND-TRIBULATION FORCE over Paul Ryan's pencils for Wildstorm/DC. Our 1st issue should be on the stands in April or May. These comics are adapted from the best selling novels about the people left behind on Earth after the Biblical Rapture. No superheroes, but a good read. Next month, I'll be starting a 4 issue story arc inking HEAVEN AND HELL for a new comic company, Red Sky Entertainment.

Toby Cypress, artist: HATESTREET, scheduled for Winter 2002/Spring 2003 release, an 80 pg. story that takes place in the strange city of Haight. In a dangerous city at risk of feudal destruction, three great rivals will face the hate that keeps each from becoming the greatest. The story focuses on three street samurai, that will match skills against one another to be the first to attain the legendary "Book of Seven Forms", while surviving a bitter street war between the city's street gangs that have split the city in two. The book is already in production with AIT/PlanetLar, and will be a fast paced, hard hitting, stylized story featuring a back drop of fantasy, and moody noir.

Steve Rude, artist: FANTASTIC FOUR #50 - penciled an 8-page short story - released Feb 2002. Erik Larson Scripted FF book #12 – penciled and inked 2 pages, currently released. JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #35. Did a MISTER MIRACLE #1 cover recreation for the back cover in Pastels. It is due to be shipped at the end of May. BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE IIpenciled an 8-page short story, no release date yet. CAPTAIN AMERICA currently penciling a 4-issue 22-page mini-series. No release date yet. Inker & Letterer: Mike Royer, Writer: Bruce Jones. Working with Dynamic Forces on a limited edition Marvel 60's poster. The poster was approved last week by Marvel. No release date yet.

Jason Hall, writer: STAR WARS TALES #11 - "The Princess Leia Diaries" (3/26-Dark Horse). How did a young tomboy princess practicing civil disobedience grow up to become the most important leader of the Rebellion? Find out through the eyes of the source herself... Princess Leia Organa. BATMAN:GOTHAM ADVENTURES - "Early Thaw" (6/26-DC). Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by Nora (the ex-wife he never got over) to formulate the compound that might return him - and the life they once shared - to normal. But love is blind. PISTOLWHIP: THE YELLOW MENACE - graphic novel (Fall 2002-Top Shelf). Jack Peril is the beloved hero of radio, comics, and the silver screen, but is his existence merely fictional? What does a series of grisly murders and a new lecture series condemning the pulse-pounding parables of said Mr. Peril have to do with it all? And just who is The Yellow Menace? Mitch and Charlie, along with Ray (the luckless cop) and Isla (the inquisitive maid), plan to find out! PISTOLWHIP Comics can be ordered directly from Top Shelf or found atyour local comic shop or cool book store.

Jay Faerber, : NOBLE CAUSES, a bi-monthly ongoing series from Image Comics, chronicling the lives of a world-famous family of super-heroes. Murder. Betrayal. Sex. And that was just the first issue. #3 ships in May, and #4 ships in July. Back issues are still available for reorder from Diamond. XIN: LEGEND OF THE MONKEY KIND ALPHA PREVIEW EDITION, a special sneak peek of the new Anarchy Studios project contains character sketches and preview artwork by creator Kevin (Vampi) Lau, and an interview with me, the resident Dialogue Monkey. The preview's on sale in May, with the actual pilot issue debuting later this summer. VAMPIRELLAVampirella #15-18 -- I'm writing a four-issue arc that's tentatively slated for #s 15-18, which would run from September through December. The arc centers around a pack of werewolves that are killing campers in the Pacific Northwest, and we should be able to announce the artist for this arc soon. THE HAT SQUAD -- A 48-page b&w crime story featuring a group of LAPD Detectives operating in 1950s Hollywood. Jerry DeCaire is taking over the art, as Cary Nord had to back out, and Jerry's stuff is looking fantastic. This should be out by the end of the year.

Keiron Dwyer, cartoonist: A brand spankin' new issue of LCD: LOWEST COMMON DENOMENATOR is due in stores late April/early May, 48 pages, with contributions from LCD-irregulars, Rick Remender, Harper Jaten (Captain Dingleberry, Black Heart Billy), Tony Moore (Battle Pope) & Johnny Ryan (Angry Youth Comix), as well as LCD-virgins Danny Hellman, Shannon Wheeler (TMCM) and Vezun. More booty slappin adult humor than you can shake a pink stick at. Also, in July, a BLACK HEART BILLY trade paperback from AIT/PlanetLar, with a finale of the Deadhead storyline from the first two SLG issues, a super-slick new cover by Brian Wood (Channel Zero, Couscous Express), and plenty of brand new BHB stories for the punk in everyone--even you! Last but not least, I have a new essay with accompanying illustrations in the very next issue of TOO MUCH COFFER MAN magazine, titled "Osama Grinch Laden."

Danny Fingeroth, writer: Writing THE SECRET WORD, a full-length CGI-animated script for MUV Studios. Writing CROSSING OVER and another graphic novel for Platinum Studios. Editing and packaging WRITE NOW!, a new quarterly magazine for TwoMorrows about comics, animation and genre writing. Featuring interviews and how-to's with top writers, editors and executives. First issue on sale this summer. Writing BACKSTAGE PASS: THE ANIMATION INDUSTRY, a history and exploration of the medium for Rosen Books, Inc.

Dan Mishkin, writer: CREEPS, with Tom Mandrake, from Image Comics. The story of the people who live on the underside of life – who choke on the dust when society's crap gets swept under the rug. Bad things are happening to the city's dispossessed. And now it's up to Creeps with strange abilities that match their misshapen forms to stop an evil no one else even saw coming. Because in a world without heroes, sometimes the Creeps are all you've got.

Roger Stern, writer: I've actually been busier these first months of 2002 than I was the whole of last year. I'm currently in the middle of writing a SMALLVILLE novel. It won't be out until the fall.

The ball's in your court now, folks. Go forth and spend.

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