Issue #22

A few odds and ends here, I'd include more but I'm in New York City at Ye Old Marvel Editorial Retreat and I don't have all my jpegs handy. In-between talking Bendis into staying on "Ultimate Spider-Man" long enough for my schedule to clear up, helping Old Man Brubaker remember to wear a jacket when it rains, convincing Tom Brevoort not to hire me to script Dan Slott's late "She-Hulk" issues, getting Straczynski to sign "Babylon 5" DVDs, tricking Grek Pak into trading "Hulk" for "Marvel Team-Up," and trying to figure out what the hell Mike Carey is saying at any given moment... I figured I'd send along some jpegs, and maybe try and entice you into purchasing one of my fine books, you know - the usual.

Some potentially interesting stuff this week. In no particular order.

  1. This Cory Walker illustration looks like the art for an "Invincible" entry in some kind of handbook type publication... doesn't it?
  2. The Michael Turner cover for "Ultimate X-Men" #75 with some color tweaks.
  3. That "Walking Dead" cover layout sure has Rick walking... funny.
  4. Is that the return of everyone's favorite Ultimate character, Syndicate?
  5. More Andy Kuhn goodness from "Marvel Team-Up."
  6. Some absolutely stunning "Irredeemable Ant-Man" pages from the super-star team of Phil Hester, Ande Parks and Bill Crabtree.
  7. Young Peter Parker Kirkman has already started singing.

And that's it for me, folks. If you like anything you've seen, or even if you didn't, do me a solid and go forth and... BUY MY BOOKS!

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