Issue #160

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BLOODRAYNE: Vampire blood. Human heart. Deadly intentions. History and horror merge as Agent BloodRayne and the Brimstone Society slice their way through the demons of the night. Echo 3 Worldwide brings you a series of full color one-shots - based on the popular video game from Majesco - to be published quarterly starting this December. Look for it under the Digital Webbing imprint. BLOODRAYNE: SKIES AFIRE #1 is written and lettered by Steven O'Connell, co-written by Jeffery Stevenson, and beautifully illustrated by Romano Molenaar and Marco Galli. Colors by Blond. Full Color. One-shot. 32 pages. $3.99. Listed in the October Diamond Previews under the Digital Webbing Imprint.

Meanwhile, far far away, deep in the South Pole an army is amassing, an army of toys ready for a war. Trouble is indeed on the horizon and these 2 separate worlds collide in a big way! 24 pgs, $3.00

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