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Issue #107

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Issue #107


[Who's next?]

Early this week, news spread across the Internet that Warner Bros. had
snapped up a domain name relating to the upcoming Batman sequel. Many
sites suggested that, surely, the fact that WB purchased is an indication as to the direction the studio was taking
with the franchise. We here at Comics 2 Film have taken a closer look
and have come up with a different view of things.

You see, not only did the Warner buy the aforementioned domain, but
they also purchased on the very same day.
This could just as likely give credence to rumors that a live-action
Batman Beyond feature is still under consideration. The studio also
picked up the more generic

These domains were just three of over a dozen Batman related domain
names that the studio purchased on January 31, 2000. The studio likely
made the January turf-grab to protect itself from the nefarious domain
squatters who had already taken names like and

Here’s a complete list of Batman related domains that were purchased by
WB on 1/31/2000:


As of today, none of these addresses has been attached to an actual website. Thanks to M@th for the tip.

In a related story, our friends Fabio2 and Lovecraft13 over at Batcave
web site have launched a campaign to get screen and comic writer Jeph
Loeb hired as the writer for the Batman sequel. Lovecraft13 tells us.
“Jeph Loeb is the hottest writer in the comic industry today, and his
mini-series (set in Batman’s early years) Batman: The Long Halloween
has been one of the greatest Batman stories ever told.

“Jeph Loeb, himself, is personally supporting our campaign, and we are
looking for support from everyone who is interested in seeing a good
Batman movie! The petition’s URL is:

“Both Fabio and myself really believe we can turn some heads if we get
enough signatures, and once we do he will send them up the WB food

Fans: this is your chance to shape the future of the bat-franchise!



While attending a recent sneak preview of Pitch Black yours truly ran into the 3-D X-Men theater lobby display. Anticipating the encounter,
I had concealed my digital camera in my coat pocket and snapped some
pictures of the much-discussed piece of art. As described in the past,
it is basically a six-foot-tall, three-dimensional model of the “X in a
circle” art from the movie poster.


Corona Coming Attractions unveiled the next phase of the X-Men movie
poster artwork today. The latest poster reveals what is behind the X-
Door. The poster depicts, backlit by the intense light seen in the
earlier artwork, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Jean, Cyclops and Professor X.

CCA also alerts readers to a display of X-Men toy photos at the Raving
Toy Maniac (RTM) website. The photos depict 11 of the movie-based toys
that were being shown at the Toy Fair trade show.

In trailer news, CCA now reports that the trailer may appear before The
Whole Nine Yards which is set to debut in theaters this Friday.
However, a separate source told the website that the trailer had
shipped, but theater managers will likely be asked to show it with
Mission To Mars instead.

The Countdown To X-Men website also gave fans a sneak peek at the
upcoming X-Men movie. The site recently posted a pair of concept
sketches from the production. Readers are cautioned to view them at
their own risk as they do contain spoilers.


According to a recent report from Ain’t it Cool News Doctor Octopus and
Green Goblin are set to be the villains in the Spider-Man movie. This
comes from a spy that AICN reports has been 100% accurate in all
reports made in the past three years. The spy reports that the
information comes from a studio document. The spy also claims that the
document is fairly recent as it references Sam Raimi as the director.
Raimi’s name hadn’t worked its way into the rumor mill until early this

Late last week the Spider-Man Hype site offered up the latest casting
rumor. According to their source Jennifer Aniston (Friends) is the top
contender for the role of Mary Jane. The source does not say where this bit of casting speculation comes from.


[Batman Beyond Video]

The feature-length, animated Batman Beyond video has been given a new
release date according to a recent press release from Warner Home
Video. Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker is now slated to be in
stores on October 31. WB provides this description for the movie, “In
this thrilling action-packed adventure, the sleeker, more dangerous and
seemingly immortal Clown Prince of Crime is back to terrorize Gotham,
Batman and the aging Bruce Wayne. While trying to uncover the Joker’s
secrets, Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, discovers the greatest mystery
in the career of the original Batman — the true story of the night
Batman fought the Joker for the last time. When Bruce Wayne is almost
killed in one of the Joker’s new attacks, it’s up to Batman Beyond to
avenge his mentor and put the Joker to rest forever.”

The studio will also release Tweety’s High-Flying Adventures on
September 12 and Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders on October 3.


Isabelle Adjani (Diabolique) is set to play Cleopatra in the upcoming
sequel Asterix and Cleopatra according to the French press. Reports
that the actress was in talks, or had even signed on, to play the role
have been reported since late last year.

However, in a recent inteview with Italy’s La Repubblica, Gerard
Depardieu refused to give the name of the actress who would likely take
the part, leaving the suggestion that Adjani may not yet have the part.
Depardieu will reprise his role of Obelix opposite Christian Clavier’s


Irony Despair of the A Boy and His Bird website provided Comics 2 Film
with another scoop on the upcoming sequel The Crow: Salvation. The
latest report from I.D. is the listing of all the tracks on the
soundtrack for the movie:

  1. Best Things – Filter (remix)
  2. Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie (Naked Exorcism mix)
  3. Bad Brother – Infidels/Juliette Lewis
  4. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue – Hole
  5. Warm Winter – Kid Rock
  6. What You Want – The Flys
  7. Waking Up Beside You – Stabbing Westward (Forgotten By The World mix)
  8. Painful – Sin
  9. Antihistamine – Tricky
  10. Now Is The Time – Crystal Method (Millennium mix)
  11. Everything Sucks (Again) – Pitch Shifter
  12. Big God – Monster Magnet
  13. Independent Slaves – Days Of The New
  14. Burning Inside – Static X/Burton C. Bell
  15. Rusted Wings – New American Shame
  16. Underbelly Of The Beast – (remix)

A few days later Irony was back with even more news on the movie.
According to I.D. Miramax is set to open the movie on March 31st, three
days after the soundtrack’s release.


Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That) is set to star in the big screen
version of Josie and the Pussycats according to a recent article in the
Hollywood Reporter. Cook will play Josie and reportedly would like to
perform the singing parts as well, although it’s uncertain if she’ll
actually do that.

The Archie Comics concept will be directed by Harry Elfont and Deborah
Kaplan (Can’t Hardly Wait) for Universal Pictures. The movie is set to
go before the cameras this summer. Riverdale Prods. will produce with
Marc Platt.

The article also states that Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and his wife
Tracey negotiating to produce the music for the movie.



Daily Variety reports that fan fave Patrick Warburton has
signed to play the title role in the live action TV pilot The Tick.
Warburton is best known to fans as Elaine’s rock-headed boyfriend Puddy
on Seinfeld. He’s also frequently seen terrorizing M & M’s and has a
role in current box-office champ Scream 3. Fans at this website have
long maintained that Warburton would be the perfect actor to bring Ben
Edlund’s goofy superhero to life.

Barry Sonnefeld, the producer of the show, has also signed on to direct
the pilot episode. Sonnefeld has directed such big-budget box office
fare as Men In Black and Wild, Wild West. “I’ve been a huge fan of The
Tick for years,” Sonnenfeld told Variety. “I like it even more than my
6-year-old daughter. It’s really up my alley. It doesn’t feel like
anything on television today.”

Sonnenfeld, Edlund and Barry Josephson are producers on the show, which
has been scripted by Edlund. Bo Welsh (Men in Black) has been named
the production designer on the project. The show is slated to air on
Fox TV. The Tick is set to go before the cameras in the first two
weeks of April.


According to Rob Allstetter of the Comics Continuum, Kids WB! is
considering the outstanding and much-lamented comic book Static for an
upcoming animated show. Static was the teenage subject of a comic
published by the also-lamented Milestone Media. Recent reports
indicated that Milestone may be making a comeback in the near future.
No official comment from Kids WB! or Milestone was made regarding the
rumored show.

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