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Issue #106

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Issue #106


[Capt. Dan]
Jeff Combs as Detective Margolies Claire
[Monica Van Campen as Claire]
Monica Van Campen as Claire Jasper
[Andrew Divoff as M]
Andrew Divoff as M  
One fateful night on the bridge

Welcome back for round two of our ‘Faust’ preview.  This time we have a few behind the scenes shots the share with you.  The image at left
is a shot of actor Andrew Divoff during a make up session.  We’re told that that’s Screaming Mad George (‘The Abyss’)
applying the facial deformations.  Divoff apparently went right to the source in studying for the role of M in the film.
Screenwriter and co-creator David Quinn told readers on his message
that Divoff asked him supply copies of the ‘Faust’ comics before heading to Barcelona for the filming.

Quinn also talked about Screaming Mad George on his message board.  He told readers that George and his crew,
“have all the comics, and they have a wealth of experience working FX that live where hard rock, sex, surrealism, and the
occult collide.”

The image at right shows Spanish make up artist Poli Cantero applying working with an
unidentified actor.  Sources at Filmax could not tell us who was under the latex in this one.  Likewise Quinn told us it
could be one of several characters whose face gets messed up in the course of the story.

Again, we have an image of Jeff Combs which Quinn describes as “Margolies trying in vain to make his Faustian
mind wreck into a cop movie.”

Directing your attention to the right we have a shady looking Monica Van Campen playing Claire, the Femme Fatale of the
movie.  Quinn seems particularly excited about her involvement in the movie.

The writer described his first meeting with the actress.  “Director Brian Yuzna introduced me to Monica at a classic icon of old Hollywood, the Roosevelt
Hotel. I told her that I had been living with Claire in my mind for years, so I wouldn’t pretend to
hide my excitement as I finally reached out and touched her. (I know, I’m a bit dramatic, but you don’t meet your personal obsessions made flesh every day.)

“Monica told me, in English, that she loved the role, because it was like the usual (sexy) roles she is offered, but so much more ‘full.'”

Finally we have two images from the bridge scene.  This is apparently a key scene in the movie where several characters come
together for the first time.


A source for TNT Networks has informed Comics 2 Film that sci-fi babe Yancy Butler
has been cast in the lead role of the ‘Witchblade’ TV movie.  Butler will play Sara Pezzini, a NY City homicide detective who wields an ancient weapon called the Witchblade. 
The actress is just one of many actors cast in the movie which is scheduled to begin filming in just a few weeks in Ontario.  An
official announcement will be made soon by the publicity department of TNT.

Butler is a C2F fave, appearing in such TV fare as ‘Mann & Machine,’ ‘Perversions of Science,’ ‘Brooklyn South’ and ‘South Beach.’  She can also seen throwing Wesley Snipes out of an airplane (and then catching him) in ‘Drop Zone’ and has appeared in other action movies like ‘Hard Target’ and ‘Ravager.’


Fans eager to find out about the Mage movie, or anything else Matt Wagner has been working on, will have their chance next week. Wagner will attend a chat next week on Kevin Hawkins outstanding Mage website. Hawkins provides the following announcement:

“The creator of the ground-breaking comics Mage and Grendel fields your questions in on-line chat session on Feb. 9th, 2000 at 9:30 PM EST/6:30 PST.”

Attendees are encouraged to show up early and familiarize themselves with the chat room protocol and instructions.


Shoppers on the eBay Auction site got a glimpse at the fight sequence between Wolverine and
Sabretooth from the ‘X-Men’ movie.  Four pages of storyboards depicting the sequence were listed, with photos, on the
auction site.

A trusted source verified that the boards were authentic, but our source also told us that Twentieth Century Fox was
aware of the auction and was taking steps to put a stop to it.  Sure enough, while we were double checking the auction tonight, it disappeared
before our eyes.  Searching eBay for “X-Men Storyboard” will fetch you a link to the sale, but clicking the link leads to a

Fortunately we were able to salvage the images before the auction was shut down.  Clicking the links below will reveal the
fight sequence.  Be warned: these should be considered SPOILERS:

Thanks to Brent for the scoop!

Meanwhile, Bulent Hasan is up to his old tricks again. You may recall
that last July we alerted you to a home-made trailer for the X-Men
movie that Hasan had put together and posted on his website. Well,
he’s done it again. This time using many of the images that have
appeared online, Hasan has put together a new trailer for the movie.
It’s not the preview fans hoped for at Super Bowl, but it’s pretty darn

For those of you who aren’t satisfied with a fan trailer, Corona Coming
reports that the actual trailer is now looking like it’ll debut Friday, February 18th. Major releases for that weekend are said
to be Pitch Black, The Whole Nine Yards, The Boiler Room, and Hanging Up. CCA also warns us to keep our eyes peeled for an X-Men standee in theater lobbies.

Meanwhile the website for Soundtrack Magazine reported on February 1
that Michael Kamen (The Iron Giant, What Dreams May Come) has signed on to score the movie.


Fans eager to find out about the Mage movie, or anything else Matt Wagner has been working on, will have their chance next week. Wagner will attend a chat next week on Kevin Hawkins outstanding Mage website. Hawkins provides the following announcement:

“The creator of the ground-breaking comics Mage and Grendel fields your questions in on-line chat session on Feb. 9th, 2000 at 9:30 PM EST/6:30 PST.”

Attendees are encouraged to show up early and familiarize themselves with the chat room protocol and instructions.


The Spider-Man movie continues to be a hot-topic for the internet rumor
mill. A host of new casting buzz cropped up this week. While the
previous rumors soundly more plausible to us, this week’s set reads
like retreads of old gossip and some brand-new unlikelihoods.
First up is the report from Entertainment Weekly Online. Sources
deemed to be highly placed at Sony allegedly told EW that Leonardo
DiCaprio (The Beach), Freddie Prinze Jr. (‘Down to You’), and Jude Law
(‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’) are all hot to don the webs and are under

DiCaprio’s people told EW, ”He’s obviously approached all the time
about great-sounding ideas, but he’s [got to] see the script.” Law’s
rep told the magazine, ”There have been some overtures about it. Jude
has been a Spider-Man fanatic since he was a kid.” Prinze’s handlers
made no comment, although the actor did publicly express his enthusiasm
for the role last March.

An anonymous source at Spider-Man Hype claims that Liam
Neeson (The Haunting) has actually been cast to play Green Goblin in
the movie. Supposedly the actor is set to collect $6 million for the
role. Neeson and probably Spidey director Sam Raimi paired in 1990 for
the movie Darkman. However, if screenwriter David Koepp is adhering
closely to James Cameron’s scriptment, the Goblin isn’t even in the
movie. Spider-Man Hype points out that this could be an indication
that there’s more to Koepp’s script than we’ve been led to believe.

Later, the Spider-Man Hype website offered a debunking of a recent
rumor regarding the Spider-Man movie. Last month one of their scoopers
reported that Sony had already dropped $20 million at Digital Domain
for test effects for the movie. SMH talked to a representative for
Digital Domain and they said that the story was untrue. Supposedly the
rumor grew out of the work the effects house did for those awesome
commercials promoting Universal Studios Florida’s Spider-Man
attraction. At this point Digital Domain has done no work on the

The Fandom website conducted an interview with Spidey screen
scribe David Koepp. Talked at length about Stir of Echoes, his
directing bow which was recently released on video. Koepp also commented on writing Spider-Man and on the prospect of working with Sam Raimi.

“I’m writing Spider-Man at the moment for Sam Raimi, who’s going to
direct it. It should be fun. Sam’s a great director for it,” Koepp told
Fandom. “That’s been going on for a while. They were meeting a lot of
directors in the last year. We were just down in Georgia, where Raimi’s
working, to meet with him. It just became final a week ago, so that’s
where it’s at.”

Koepp also commented on the source material. “There really is only one
treatment; Jim Cameron wrote a treatment. There are no previous drafts.
But you get thirty-five years worth of comic books and ten-years worth
of animated TV, so you know there’s lots-an abundance of material. Then
you try to figure it out, and you go down different directions. You try
this villain; you try that villain; you try this storyline and that
one, and you see what works. It’s an on-going process, and it takes a
long time. There’s a million ways to do it.”


During a January 31 interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica,
Gerard Depardieu talked about the planned sequel the the French made
Asterix and Obelix Versus Caesar. Depardieu, who plays the burly
Obelix in the movies, claimed that the planned sequel will be based on
Asterix and Cleopatra, and not on Asterix Legionnaire as previously

The actor went on to say that the movie is still being scripted and
they are considering a particular actress to play the part of
Cleopatra. Depardieu also hopes to see Roberto Benigni (Life is
Beautiful) return in the role of Detritus.

Asterix and Cleopatra was filmed once before as an animated feature.
Asterix and Obelix Versus Caesar has not yet been screened in the
United States.

Thanks to Antonello for the scoop and translation!


Carl Potts told subscribers to the Alien Legion mailing list that he
has a new website up supporting the comic book concept. The Alien
Legion website contains information about the comics as well as news
about the planned Alien Legion movie.

A news blurb from the site reads, “Carl Potts is pursuing opportunities
to turn Alien Legion into a major motion picture. Current plans call
for pitching the project to major studios early next year with a team
consisting of a Sony-based production company and a popular


A recent press release from Signatures Network (formerly Sony
Signatures) runs down the company’s plans to exploit the Ripley’s
Believe it or Not! brand name. Hot from the success of the TBS
Superstation TV series, hosted by Dean Cain, Signatures has entered
into several licensing agreements around the concept.

One of them includes the previously announced feature film based on the
exploits of Robert Ripley, the cartoonist who created Believe it or
Not! The current press release gives no new details about the movie.
A release from over a year ago stated, “The feature film will be a
combination of Indiana Jones meets Citizen Kane meets the X-Files and
will reflect the insatiable curiosity of Ripley as manifested through
the odd, the exotic and the wildly bizarre.”

[Lethargic Lad]


A news item appearing on the Lethargic Web Page states that a LETHARGiC LAD animated show may be in the works. According to the write up Greg
Hyland, the character’s creator, has been in negotiations Studio Frog, a new Toronto based animation studio. The report claims that Hyland
will provide 100% of the artwork for the show. Apparently they’ve already completed one minutes worth of animation. Original music is
also being recorded at this time.


While recent reports indicate that Warner Bros. is talking to Darren
Aronofsky (Pi) about directing the next Batman movie, Ain’t it Cool
has added a new wrinkle to the story. A spy, whom AICN vouches
for, claims to have overheard a conversation between Aronofsky and
another party.

According to the spy, Aronofsky is looking to direct Batman, but is not too keen on the concept of following the Year One storyline. Allegedly
the director feels the concept of Wayne whipping himself into crime-fighting shape leans heavily on Rocky-esque clichés. The scooper
claims that the filmmaker let drop that he would rather adapt Frank
Miller’s Dark Knight Returns story instead. Aronofsky and Miller are
also collaborating on a big-screen version of Miller’s Ronin.

When the trades reported that Aronofsky was in talks with WB, they also reported that the Bruce Wayne TV show was on hold. However, JettD60 of the Batman 5 website checked in with us to share his insights. Jett
told us, “A source very close to the [Bruce Wayne TV show] contacted me after the story ran that the TV series has been put on hold. He did
acknowledge that they are waiting for WB to make a decision on the movie series, but was adamant that [Bruce Wayne] has in no way been killed.

“He goes on further saying that the ‘bat-war,’ between WB Film and TV, has been exaggerated,” Jett told us. However the source does concede
that while “WB big-wig Lorenzo DiBonaventura may be against the TV series, he may not have the final say-so towards it being greenlit.”
Other sources for JettD60 tell him that if the next Batman feature is a Year One story, then chances for the TV show will be greatly diminished.

Fabio2 of the Batcave website wrote to Comics 2 Film recently to respond to recent rumors about various Batman projects.

First up, in spite of rumors that Darren Aronofsky has said he would rather adapt The Dark Knight Returns than Year One for a Batman sequel,
Fabio2 insists it is not happening. Just to keep it in perspective, the report on Dark Knight did say that the director only mentioned it
in a casual conversation. No claims were made that the notion had gone further than that.

Fabio2 also insists that Year One is the only project Lorenzo DiBonaventura is considering. Should Aronofsky get the directing job,
that’s the movie he’ll have to make. However Aronofsky hasn’t signed and he is just one of many directors being considered for helming duties.

Steadfast that Year One will be the next Batman movie, Fabio2 also claims that the Bruce Wayne TV show is “D.O.A.” Fabio2 states, “There’s no way both [Year One] and [Bruce Wayne] will co-exist, despite what others may say. As for waiting until Warner’s Batman 5 plans become more concrete…plans aren’t expected to properly solidify for another year. Tollin-Robbins Productions, obviously, won’t wait that long.”


Rob Allstetter of the Comics Continuum reports that Chuck Russell (The
Mask) “could be” attached to write and direct the Doctor Strange movie. The movie has been on the fast track ever since landing in the hands of
producer Don Murphy. The source of the information is not named in the article.


Billy Tucci recently spoke with Matt Brady of the Mania website about
the development of this Shi motion picture. Tucci reports that the
movie is now slated to lens in June for Warner Bros. The creator is
headed to Hollywood this month for meetings about the production.
At the same time Tucci is working on a CGI movie of his heroine.

“Right now, we’re working on putting together a 30 second trailer for
the film,” Tucci told Brady. “I’ve met with a number of investors who
want to get on board and really see it take off. Right now, we’re
thinking of producing a 70 minute film.”

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