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Comics 2 Film is pleased to present a first look at images from the upcomingmovie Faust. We spoke with David Quinn, who co-created the comic with Tim Vigiland wrote the screenplay for the film. What should fans expect from the movie?"We're talking violent and sexual and complex characters, but somethingthat we can edit for an R rating...hopefully." Quinn said laughing.

"Going into the movie it feels like there's three protagonists, threegood guys to look through their eyes," Quinn told us.

"One is a cop, one is a psychiatrist and one is Faust, an insane killer.At first you experience it through the cop and it feels like a cop movie. Thenyou experience it through the psychiatrist's eyes and it starts to feellike...Silence of the Lambs. Then you're left with only John Jaspers, Faust andyou realize all bets are off.

"That's a fun movie to get into and I think [director] Brian [Yuzna]picked that up right away. Its' a little more complicated because it blendsthree genres, but he got excited about that and that made me feel like 'OK...hegot that.'"

Yuzna came on board the property without having read the comics first."He read the script first. He read it as a screenplay and then found out itwas a comic," Quinn commented. "Totally backward."

Although Yuzna had not read the comics beforehand, he was familiar with thematerial by the time filming started. "He really did try to work withmyself and work with Tim Vigil, to study the comics, to talk to both of us. Helooked at the way Tim drew things when he went to get designers. And he did workfrom my screenplay" Quinn told us. "We were pretty happy that Brianturned out to enjoy the visuals of the comic a lot, which is not to say thewould literally reproduce them but he knew where we started."

Lest fans fear that Faust won't be seen in all his super- psycho-hero glory:"He wears the costume," Quinn assured us. The writer revealed that theFaust costume is of the rubber suit variety. However, the filmmakers will usecertain techniques to keep things real. "[The movie is] written so that alot of the scenes are so you never seen him in full light. It's also a good wayto do a movie that's more about horror than about a super-hero."

Although Quinn hasn't been involved with the movie since the production wentto Barcelona, he continues to work on various projects in comics and in film.He'll have comics out this year from Avatar, Ultimate Sports, Marvel and DC.

Look for more images from the Faust movie this Thursday on Comics 2 Film.Special thanks to Dizey for the technical assist!


[Foot Soldiers]Comics 2 Film caught up with Earth X scribe and Big Bad World founder JimKrueger to talk about the movie version of his comic book creation The FootSoldiers. "I've finished two drafts and now Michael Uslan and Ben Melniker,who are the guys who optioned the property in the first place, now they'relooking for directors," Krueger told us. Uslan and Melniker may be bestknown as producers of the Batman and Swamp Thing movie franchises. AlthoughKrueger knows of specific directors that the pair is talking to, he's presentlynot at liberty to give out any names.

However, trust between Krueger and Uslan seems very high. "Uslan rocksas an executive producer. I just know that there's a lot of care going into thisand a lot of enthusiasm. He's been totally helpful to me to teach me 'theHollywood way of doing things'."

Krueger and Uslan's wasn't the typical meeting between comic creator andfilmmaker. "I met Uslan on a bus, we started talking about Johnny Quest. Ishowed him some of the early comics," Krueger explained. Uslan immediatelytook to the concept. "The idea of The Foot Soldiers is it's about thesekids in this oppressive, Charles Dickens kind of future, who go to the graveyard where all the super-heroes are buried and they rob the grave. So theyliterally try to fill the original super-heroes shoes by saving this world.[Uslan] was into it before the comic was even out. They optioned it a year ayear and a half later."

Although the producers' initially considered other screenwriters, the job ofcrafting a script quickly fell to Krueger himself. "A number of people hadbeen suggested to them to write it and they all had comic book backgrounds. Solast year Uslan said 'You know. I'm looking at this and I'm thinking...why don'tyou write it?' And so I did."

Fans of the comics will likely enjoy the screenplay, which borrows fromseveral of the existing story arcs. "It's got the graveyard parts and a lotof the stuff from the Dark Horse series but then it's got the Peripheral Manfrom the Image series and then it's got a conclusion, which is ultimately for aseries that hasn't been done. It's got a conclusion that kind of windseverything up."

Krueger also feels that the adaptation is true to the source material."I had a couple of people who were die- hard Foot Soldiers fans read it.Every time you adapt something to another medium, things have to change to makeit work in that medium. Everyone read it and said 'This is totally in the spiritof what the book was.' If anything it's Foot Soldiers to a purer degree."

Naturally the lead characters of Second Story Kid, Johnny Stomp and RagsMurphy: Man of the Cloth appear, as do other characters of the ever expandingcast. The screenplay also includes the old man who mentors the kids, thescheming Mr. Lion, the oppressor-turned-sympathizer Wallflower and our favoriteliving wall Checkpoint Charlie. Krueger told us "he's just referred to asCharlie [in the script]. Like in the comics it was always 'Rags Murphy Man ofthe Cloth', here its just Rags."

Don't look for the much-anticipated debut of wheel-man Spindle Six in themovie. "I didn't put the wheels guy in the movie, but I'll be going to bedoing some more Foot Soldiers [comics] later this year and he's prominent inthat." In addition to new Foot Soldiers books, Krueger is working on thenext installments of his self-published Alphabet Supes and Fly Boys. Likewisehe's busy with his Earth X sequel Universe X. "It's three years after theevents of Earth X. I think it's in the summer some time I think it's scheduledfor."

For more information about Krueger's work check out the newly launched http://www.jimkrueger.com.


Comics 2 Film recently talked to Dave Elliot, VP of Development at TakomaEntertainment Group about the status of the Shadowman movie. The movie is a hotprospect for Takoma and New Line Cinema, due in part to the attachment of starand co-producer Ice Cube.

"We're really excited about doing Shadowman with Ice Cube, especiallygiven the reception Next Friday got," Elliot told us. The recently releasedcomedy Next Friday has topped the box office for two weeks in a row. Ice Cubestars in that movie as well as co-writing and executive producing.

Elliot expects the latest draft of the Shadowman screenplay to be turned insoon. The production team has been cleared by New Line to begin looking for adirector.


A source at Sonnenfeld/Josephson told Comics 2 Film that the script for thelive-action Tick TV pilot has been completed. Tick creator Ben Edlund wrote thescript. The pilot is now in, or close to, pre-production.


Comic creator Nat Gertler dropped Comics 2 Film a line to update us on thestatus of his comic property The Factor. Although it was reported last May thata TV series based on the comic was in the early stages, Gertler informs us thatthe project failed to come together.

"While the series continues to arouse interest at various otherproduction houses, it is still without a definite home, and we welcomeinquiries," Gertler said.

The critically acclaimed The Factor is described as "a series ofanthologies centering around a superhero who is never seen." Fansinterested in learning more about the comic or ordering back issues are directedto http://www.coldcut.com.


We've heard plenty of complaints from comic fans about the costumes that theX-Men will wear in the upcoming movie. However, we're starting to wonder if thelook of the comics won't be altered to be closer to the movie.

Our Comic Wire pal Beau Yarbrough sent us an Adam Kubert rendering ofWolverine that will be used as a Dynamic Forces special edition cover forUncanny X-Men #381. Although the costume Wolverine wears isn't exactly like thephotos we've seen from the movie, it is similar in that it is all black (orcharcoal grey) and features yellow highlights similar to the movie costume. Thecostume character still sports his trademark mask, although it too has beenrecolored to be completely black.

Yarbrough reminds us that the Superman comics underwent a similar stylechange around the time the Superman movie was released. We also recall readingthat the Batman comics were changed in the 60's so they matched the TV show. Therecent Blade comics also featured a redesign that borrowed from the look of themovie. To be clear, we've heard no official comments that Marvel intends toalter the look of the comics to match the movie. The above cover just got usthinking in that direction.


Sam Raimi is in final negotiations to take on directing chores of the Spider-Manmovie according to the The Hollywood Reporter. Previous reports indicated thatRaimi might start Spider-Man in spring or early summer, if Paramount could beconvinced to freeze post-production on Raimi's current project The Gift,allowing Raimi to go into post on both movies at the end of this year. Thelatest report now states that Raimi would start work on Spidey in late fall(presumably completing The Gift beforehand). Sony is hoping for a summer 2001release. The article also claims that Raimi will be using David Koepp's script.


Ain't it Cool News reports that Warner Bros. big-wig Lorenzo DiBonaventura is intalks with director Darren Aronofsky to direct the next Batman movie. Aronofskywrote and directed the 1998 Sundance Director's Award winning Pi and morerecently did double duty on Requiem for a Dream as well.

Hot on the heels of that write-up, The Hollywood Reporter ran an articleconfirming that Darren Aronofsky (Pi) is a possible candidate to direct the nextBatman movie. The article refers to the next Batman movie as a "dark,moodier prequel," fueling speculation that this installment will be basedon the Batman: Year One storyline from the comics.

The article also states that plans for the Bruce Wayne TV show are on holduntil final decisions are made about the movie franchise.


An article from the The Hollywood Reporter's NATPE coverage indicates that thesyndicated Sheena, Queen of the Jungle is doing well for Columbia TriStarTelevison Division. The our long action show, starring Gena Lee Nolin beencleared in 92% of the country. The figures were announced Wed. by CTTD presidentBarry Thurston and executive VP of sale Steve Mosko. "We are delighted withthe response and the level of interest in the series by so many qualitystations," Mosko said.


In an interview with Steve Fritz of Mania magazine, Todd McFarlane talked abouthis success in Hollywood. During the interview he touched on the development ofthe sequel to the Spawn movie.

"As for the next Spawn live action film, a script has been submitted toNew Line for their approval," McFarlane told Fritz. "We're hopefullygoing to have a meeting with New Line later this month. After that we hope toget everything going."


[Baby Blues]According to the "Winter Preview Issue" of TV Guide the animated BabyBlues TV show is set to debut on the WB in March or April of this year. Theshow, based on Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott's comic strip stars The castincludes the recently unemployed Mike O'Malley, Julia Sweeny (Saturday NightLive) and E.G. Daly (Rugrats).

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