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Last week, Corona Coming Attractions came up with a preview of what theX-Men movie will look like. In their latest update, CCA has providedfans with a look at three more of the design sketches for the movie.[Mystique]The first illustration features a front view of Mystique, who will beplayed by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me)in the movie. The second illustration is a back view of thecharacter. The article accompanying the illustrations states that, on-screen, the character will have skin colored a darker shade of blue andhair colored a darker shade of red. The character is also said tosport a "bikini" of scales which will keep the MPAA rating down.

The third sketch depicts a back view of Cyclops. This sketch looks tobe the companion of the previous Cyclops sketch posted by Corona. Forfull-sized views of all the images visit Corona Coming Attractions.

Later in the week, CCA had reports that the movie will depict manymore recognizable mutants than those in the main cast. Rumors havebeen circulating that Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat will turn up in the movie.One of CCA's reliable scoopers insists that Pryde will be seen in thefilm as will other younger mutants from the X-Men comics.Furthermore, these characters may be a bit more involved in the storythan was previously speculated.

[Cyclops]A different scooper for the site claims that an actress named SumelaKay (Simon Birch) will play Pryde in the movie. Furthermore, thescooper claims that Katrina Florece will play pyrotechnic mutantJubilee in the movie. CCA has not been able to confirm this. ShawnAshmore of the TV show Animorphs is also rumored to be in the movie asa mutant named Bobby. Speculation is that he could be young BobbyDrake a.k.a. Ice Man.

Early this week, CCA produced evidence to support their prior scoopsabout younger mutants from the comics appearing in the movie. A callsheet for the film (of which a digitized image is on display at thesite) clearly lists "Kitty" and "Jubilee" as characters involved witha shoot that was scheduled to occur on January 11. Consistent withrecent reports, Sumela Kay is the actor playing Kitty and KatrinaFlorece is listed with Jubilee. One of the scenes being filmed isdescribed as "Kitty goes through door - Greenscreen." All the scenesdescribed on the sheet take place at Xavier's school.

Also corroborating the previous report, Shawn Ashmore is listed as"Bobby". Furthermore an actor named Alex Burton is listed as Johnwhich fans speculate could refer to John Proudstar (Thunderbird) orJonathan Starsmore (Chamber).

However, it was Ain't it Cool News that gave fans what they wantedthis weekend when that site displayed over a dozen pieces ofpromotional artwork for the upcoming X-Men movie. Images posted bythat site include photos of Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), James Marsden(Cyclops), Halle Berry (Storm), Famke Janssen (Jean Grey), PatrickStewart (Professor X), Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Mystique), Ray Park(Toad) and Tyler Mane (Sabretooth) all in costume and makeup. Alsoposted were a few set pictures depicting some of the characters inaction. While many of the characters had two promotional shots, noimages of Anna Paquin as Rogue were posted.

According to the Mighty Marvel Mailer that arrived via e-mail thisMonday, there will be no X-Men trailer airing during the upcomingSuper Bowl broadcast. Producer Tom DeSanto broke the informationstating that they want the first look at the film to be the theatricaltrailer. DeSanto estimates that the trailer will likely air in lateFebruary or early March.

Sir Ian McKellen, who plays Magneto in the movie, continues to keepfans posted via his own website. His latest posting gives severalinsights into his take on the character. Also of interest is thatfact that the character's name has been restored to that of thecomics. When a fan complained about the character's name having beenchanged from Erik Magnus Lensherr to Max Lensherr, McKellen responded,"Apparently someone agreed with you because the early scripts whichcalled him Max were changed months ago to Erik."

Finally, the February issue of Movieline has a few buried tidbitsabout X-Men. Cover girl Rebecca Romijn-Stamos commented on whether ornot her role as Mystique moves her toward being a "real actress".Romijn responded, "Well, I'm going to have my own action figure, sothat does put me in another league, doesn't it? Actually my part ispretty small and I don't say that much." The actress also states thather 14 hour body painting sessions for Sports Illustrated may havehelped her get the makeup-heavy part.

[X]A brief mention elsewhere in the issue stats that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is in talks to take on music supervision chores on the movie.

Skinfreak, a Comics 2 Film reader from the UK, reports that additionalX-Men publicity materials have turned up in his local theater. "Ispotted a giant 3D X-Men promo piece at my local Odeon cinema a coupleof weeks ago. It's identical to the sheet A poster we know, but isabout 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide (if memory serves) and looks so[gosh darn] cool. I was going to steal it but then realized itwouldn't get through the door. It offers no information apart from thewebsite address and 'coming soon'."


[Monkey Bone]Promotional artwork for the live-action/animated Monkey Bone movie can be found at the 20th Century Fox UK website. Also posted on the site is promotional artwork for X-Men. Monkey Bone is an adaptation of Kaja Blackley's graphic novel Dark Town. The movie stars Brendan Fraser as a cartoonist who falls into a coma, only to encounter a strange world inhabited by his cartoon creations.

The Monkey Bone does not currently have a website. However, we have noticed that 20th Century Fox has purchased a number of domain names that relate to the title. Among them are monkey-bone.com, monkeybonemovie.com, monkeybone-movie.com, monkeybonesmovie.com, monkeybones-movie.com, and monkey-bones.com. None of these domains are currently active as Monkey Bone websites. Following the above links will take you to a Fox site or a dead end.


Sources at Todd McFarlane Entertainment want to make clear that thefuturistic Gorilla show in the works for UPN is not called GorillaWorld as was recently suggested. Our source tells us that name was"very briefly bantered about, but Todd and Terry have chosen to moveforward with no title at this time." Our source also encouragesinterested readers to visit the newly revamped Spawn.com forinformation on all things McFarlane.


Comics 2 Film has learned that our recent report regarding the rumoredlive-action Batman Beyond movie was blown out of proportion inrelation to the actual facts submitted by the original source.Writer, cartoonist and graphic designer Brian Saner Lamken contactedus today and informed us that he was the source of the story recentlyfound on Ain't it Cool News. That story seemed to imply that PaulDini and Alan Burnett are involved in the development of the rumoredmovie. However, Lamken also told us that his comments posted on AICNwere not intended as on-record remarks for publication.

Lamken had intended to go on record with some direct quotes from BruceTimm, Dini and Burnett's co-creator on the recent Batman and Supermananimated shows. Here is Lamken's summary of his Timm interview:

"I spoke to Bruce Timm late last year, over the course of a few days,for a wide-ranging interview to be printed in the first issue ofComicology -- a comics magazine that I've self-published in the pastand that will be relaunched this April through TwoMorrows Publishing,home of, among other magazines, The Jack Kirby Collector.

"One of the questions that I pretty much had to ask Bruce was whetherhe and the rest of the animated Batman gang would be interested inworking on a live-action feature, and whether there was a chance inhell of that happening. His response:

"'I would love to do that. Are you kidding? My pay scale would get asignificant bump, so I'd owe it to my family to say yes...But, no, Idon't think that there's a chance in hell. The only thing that'spossible at this point is that Alan [Burnett] and Paul [Dini] have bothbeen approached by the people on the [Warner Bros. Pictures] lot tosubmit ideas for a [live-action] Batman Beyond movie, but it's allspeculation at this point.'"

The remainder of the interview will appear in the Lamken's relaunchedComicology. In the interview, Timm discusses the direct-to-videoBatman Beyond: Return of the Joker, the future of the classic Batmananimated show and other new animated projects he and his animationpartners are pursuing. The magazine will be solicited in the nextDiamond catalog for an April release.

Comicology Volume Two launches in April as a quarterly, 100-pagemagazine with a U.S. price of $5.95. "Fans will get more bang for their

buck from Comicology than from just about any other magazine," Lamkensaid. "The whole TwoMorrows line is like that. We'll have majorfeatures in every issue, light on the advertising and so heavy on thein-depth interviews, reviews, commentary, historical retrospectives, &sketchbook sections that we'll probably need extra-strength staples."Aside from the Timm interview and cover art, the magazine will sport aflip cover by Lea Hernandez featuring characters from her criticallyacclaimed Texas Steampunk graphic novels. Interiors feature aHernandez interview; a look at Stan Sakai's critically acclaimed UsagiYojimbo; a gallery of rare & previously unpublished Timm artwork thatspotlights your favorite DC & Marvel Comics characters as well as a fewsurprises; and a long conversation with Batman: Dark Victory writerJeph Loeb.


[Batman Beyond]Warner Bros. has released a teaser trailer for the feature-length,animated video Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. A QuickTimeversion of the trailer can be found at the New Batman/SupermanAdventures website. A copy of the trailer is also available at theBatman Beyond Video website. Curiously, that trailer is a lowerquality (and easier download) version.

Mark Hamill's Joker laugh can be heard over the dramatic music andnarration on the clip. The movie is said to feature the character'sappearance in the futuristic Batman Beyond setting. The story willanswer many of the questions about what happened between the era of theclassic show and the start of the Beyond continuity.The movie is due out November 7, 2000.


Irony Despair, webmaster of A Boy and His Bird (The Crow Website)stopped by to give us the confirmed music track listing for theupcoming The Crow: Salvation. According to Irony, the soundtrack "willfeature previously unreleased songs and remixes from a number of rock,hip-hop and electronica acts, including Hole (covering Bob Dylan's It'sAll Over Now Baby Blue), Kid Rock (Warm Winter), Rob Zombie (doing aremix of Living Dead Girl by Nine Inch Nails' Charlie Clouser) andTricky (on a remix of Antihistamine). Also on the 16-cut soundtrack,due March 28, is a new Days of the New song and remixes and previouslyreleased songs from Crystal Method, Filter, Static-X, Danzig, MonsterMagnet and Stabbing Westward."


The image of Gena Lee Nolin, in costume as Sheena, Queen of the Jungle,graces to the cover of The Hollywood Reporter's special issue coveringthe NATPE televison trade show. The report indicates that Sheena isone of Columbia-TriStar's most important shows of the year. The jungleheroine is to be depicted as "environmentally conscious" in her adventures.


Cyberworld International Corporation, a new-media enterprise committedto transforming the web into an interactive multimedia experience foreveryone, has today announced that Jeff Smith's Bone, one of theworld's best selling, and most popular alternative comics, has joinedCyberworld to produce a new multidimensional interactive Boneville website.

Cyberworld President & CEO Keith Soley said, "We are delighted to havea tremendous talent like Jeff Smith and Cartoon Books using Cyberworldto showcase his award winning art and stories. Jeff's agreement to useCyberworld's multidimensional web authoring software is anotherendorsement of our technology and its incredible potential to transformthe web into a true multidimensional, multimedia information andentertainment platform."

"This is really exciting" Smith said. "Cyberworld's ability totransform my art and vision into a three dimensional walk throughadventure is exactly what I've always wanted for our Boneville website. This is an incredibly exciting new aspect of the web I onlydreamed would one day be available."

The new Boneville.com internet site, featuring Cyberworld 3DTechnology, is scheduled to make its Internet debut February 1st, 2000!A Bone Theme Pack, which will allow fans to build their own 'Bone'worlds, will follow soon.

Bone is a fantasy adventure about three cousins; lost and stranded in astrange and mysterious forest populated by good guys, bad guys, giantrat creatures and dragons. Visitors to the new Boneville.com will nowbe able to actually step into the story and explore the trails, walkamongst the trees, dodge the 'stupid stupid rat creatures' lurking inthe forests, and discover a whole new adventure. With Cyberworld's newbrowser visitors now have the ability to 'walk into' the 3-D village ofBoneville, stroll through the town , visit the county fair, and walkamongst and mingle with the Bone characters.


The "final, final script" for a Deadworld movie was turned in back inNovember according to Corona Coming Attractions. CCA cited a postingon the Caliber Comics website as their source.

Deadworld features a planet overrun by Zombies, lead by the soleintelligent undead flesh-eater: King Zombie. The property waspurchased by Warner Bros. for George Clooney's Maysville Pictures backin July of 1998.

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