Isis Lives Again!

Official Press Release

BELLINGHAM, WASH. -- Others have tried to kill her already, but coming this summer: Isis returns ... from BlueWater Productions!

Originally published by Alias Comics in 2006, the series ended abruptly when the publisher and studio parted ways. Now she's back in a series of all-new adventures by writer Derek Ruiz, and artist Dawid Strauss beginning in the May issue of Previews catalog, for a July 2007 release.

In the first issue, Ruiz and Strauss kick off the "Rise of Darkness" story arc.

Recovering from the events of the "God War," the last thing Isis needs is for more trouble to come her way. Her evil brother Set makes a play for Isis' life by awaking the God of Darkness Apophis. Can Isis survive this onslaught of evil?

"We were sad to say goodbye to Isis last year. It always felt like a life unfinished to us," said BlueWater Managing Editor, Darren Davis. "With the relaunch of BlueWater as an independent publisher, we're finally able to resurrect the legend and give her another chance to soar."

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