Isaiah Mustafa Proves He's Perfect For The Role Of Luke Cage

We all knew it -- "we all" being comic book fans -- the first time we saw him in those Old Spice commercials: Isaiah Mustafa is the real-world spitting image of Marvel's Luke Cage. Lucky for us then that he magically managed to leverage Internet celebrity and eventually actual acting work from his well-received (and fresh smelling!) ad campaign.

Mustafa revealed last month that he's actually met with Marvel and discussed the possibility of playing Luke Cage in a long-promised movie. He expressed that he's a fan and that this is his most sought-after role. Even if it's not true, it's a smart thing to say given how popular the comic book adaptations are these days.

Well, now Mustafa has officially taken his interest in Cage to the next level, with a proof-of-concept trailer that shows just what he'd look like as Marvel's Hero for Hire.


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