Isabel Kickstarts 'Pole Dancing Adventures' print edition

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While I am no master of the vertical pole, and while I'm sure that attempting something like "The Superman" would result in several slipped disks, a concussion, and a few suspicious bruises, I quite liked Leen Isabel's webcomic Pole Dancing Adventures. It explored pole dancing from the point of view of someone who sees it as an athletic activity, breaking down popular perception that it's something anyone should be ashamed about. It also provided some nifty tips and tricks --- again, something I and my ungrateful 200-pound frame would never attempt. Still, an enjoyable peek into the finesse involved.

Well, Isabel has Kickstarted a book version of her webcomic. It will collect the first 100 comics in a handy print form, which may be handier to read when you are, say, dangling from your ankles while 180 degrees from the ground. Do you really want to risk smashing your head on a laptop while doing your exercises? Let the soft stack of pressed wood pulp cushion your fall. It's also going to have digital copies available too, if that's your jam. Best of all, if the goal is reached, Isabel is sending out some sweet temporary tattoos to backers of $22 or more. Can you imagine flexing your biceps, and on that bicep a tattoo of a flexing mermaid? Swole as heck, right?

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