Is Warner Bros. working on a <i>Young Justice</i> cartoon?

Stephanie Lemelin, an actress who has appeared on shows like Rules of Engagement, Cavemen and CSI, said on her blog that she has been cast as the voice of Arrowette in an animated version of Young Justice:

WOW. Ok… I am beyond thrilled to announce that I was recently cast in the new animated series, YOUNG JUSTICE, based on the famous (and awesome!?) DC Comics. I seriously could not be more excited about being welcomed into this amazing family… what a fantastic way to start the new year! I will be voicing the character of Arrowette (see ridiculously hot avatar below!!! um, could I love her anymore?) as well as several supporting cast members… Due to the extreme popularity of this series, however, that’s about all I can say… for now. So excited, this is really a dream come true for me, I have ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SATURDAY MORNING CARTOOON!!! Woohoo!

Young Justice was a long-running title written by Peter David that featured Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Impulse, Arrowette and several other teenage characters. It was canceled in 2003, as several members of the team "graduated" to the Teen Titans book that launched in its wake. Although it's too early to tell how close the cartoon will be to the book -- or if it draws from it at all, beyond the name -- the inclusion of Arrowette should be a good sign for fans of the comic.

Update: It looks like she's pulled the post off her blog.

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