Is Universal's 'Wolf Man' Stalking Dwayne Johnson?

Universal Pictures is has lined up some big actors to headline its new monsters universe, with Tom Cruise starring in "The Mummy" and Johnny Depp attached to "The Invisible Man." Now it looks as if the studio is setting its sights on someone really big -- like, 6-foot-5.

Mentioned only in passing by Deadline in its report about Sony's planned adaptation of "Son of Shaolin" are "persistent rumors" that Universal wants Dwayne Johnson to star in its remake of "The Wolf Man." Of course, what studio doesn't want The Rock for a tent pole film?

Universal has been trying to get a new "Wolf Man" off the ground since at least 2011 (before there was even talk of an interconnected monsters universe), only shortly after the release of Joe Johnston's unsuccessful reboot starring Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. (Johnston later referred to the film as "a leaky, rudderless ship," while Universal's Ron Meyer called it one of the "shittiest movies we put out.")

Based on the 1941 horror classic, "The Wolf Man" has been mentioned as part of Universal's plans since its interconnect monsters universe was announced. A desire for Johnson's involvement may signal executives hope to take the property in a more action-packed direction -- and make audiences forget all about that 2010 film.

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