Is <i>Tron: Legacy</i> Already A Flop?

With more than two weeks to go before it opens, should Disney prepare for Tron: Legacy to under-perform at the box office? Tracking suggests so, despite all the hype.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that new research suggests that the $200 million+ sequel to 1982's Tron is apparently predicted to have an opening-weekend box office take of somewhere around $35 million - which is certainly a good number, but far short of massive hits like Harry Potter, The Dark Knight or Avatar. The trade paper suggests that, in order to be successful enough to recoup its costs for production and promotion, and factoring in traditional drop-off, an opening of closer to $50 million would be needed.

It's early days, yet, of course; there's every possibility that audience excitement will increase as we get closer to the release, especially considering the amount of merchandise and cross-promotion the movie has been getting. But if this tracking proves to be true, what will that mean for Disney's plan for a third movie and two spin-off TV series...?

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