Is Tom Cruise Sharpening His Sword For 'Highlander' Mentor Role?

Summit Entertainment might not have its Highlander yet, but the studio is hoping to score Tom Cruise as his mentor, TheWrap reports.

Originally played by Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery respectively, the characters of Connor MacLeod and Juan Ramierz are the heavy-hitters who face off against the evil Kurgan in this remake of the1986 action-fantasy about an ages-old battle between immortal warriors.

Many sources point out that this casting is in the earliest of stages. Cruise's people note that the star receives all kinds of scripts, and he's "not in negotiations" at this point. Cruise is busy filming Mission: Impossible 5, but once that's done a deal could be made. His involvement would surely boost the project's cache when it comes to scoring a young actor to play Connor MacLeod.

Originally penned by Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, the script got a pass from director Cedric Nicolas-Troylan when he signed on last year.

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