Is Todd McFarlane Teasing the Return of Haunt?


While Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman are known for two of the most beloved (and bloody) Image Comics series of all time -- "Spawn" and "The Walking Dead," respectively -- not every comics fan may recall that the two collaborated a few years back on a title called "Haunt." Featuring artwork by Greg Capullo, Ryan Ottley and McFarlane himself, "Haunt" ran for 28 issues between 2009 and 2012. The gory, anti-hero adventures of Daniel Kilgore, a priest haunted by the spirit of his murdered special agent brother, Kurt were seemingly a thing of the past, but in a recent Facebook post, McFarlane appears to possibly be teasing the character's return.

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"How many of YOU want to see what Haunt's been up to lately???" McFarlane writes in the post, indicating that the comic book mastermind is at least considering the possibility of the character's return.

While sales for "Haunt" were decent, the critical response was mixed, at best. Reviewers often cited the all-too-obvious influences of McFarlane's previous work on "Spider-Man" -- Haunt himself shares some pretty striking similarities to a certain symbiote-stricken anti-hero, after all -- as well as the storyline's melodramatics and gratuitous violence as further marks against it.

That said, McFarlane and company have always managed to maintain a loyal fanbase, so the idea he may be contemplating a return for the character isn't all that surprising. Assuming Haunt is on the comeback trail, however, the question remains whether it would be as a supporting character in "Spawn," or in a new standalone series.

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