Is This Typically How it is Handled?

In this week's column, Rich Johnston links to a poster on Rich's forum who noted that the way he learned that a book he was coloring for DC was canceled was by reading Rich's column.

The freelance colorist notes:

i color Legion of Superheroes of the 31st Century for Johnny DC... two books ive colored before JLU and Teen Titans GO ran their course and have ended with little forewarning..im currently down to 2 books Legion and Superfriends. Well in the recent LITG i find out my Legion book is ending with #20 (im currently coloring #18). this majorly sucks but at least now i have 2 months to seriously look for more work. anyway i just want to say thank you very much for the forewarning :)

Also.. awhile back, i was able to warn a friend of mine who was coloring "Batman Strikes" it was ending.. thanx to Rich's Column.


yeah theres a very good chance i wouldnt have known until well after issue 20 when i start asking around wondering where issue 21 is. this should be a lesson to my studio and others.."push for a damn contract"

Is that standard operating procedure for freelancers on titles? They don't know their fate on the book until no job arrives that month?

Or is this abnormal?

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