Is this logo the new look of DC Comics?

Less than seven years after replacing its long-established "bullet" logo with a 21st-century "swoosh," DC Comics appears ready to make another change.

Bleeding Cool noticed that just last week the company submitted two versions  of a new logo to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The design, which you can see at right, depicts a D flipping back to reveal a C below; one version includes the words "DC Comics" below, the other "DC Entertainment."

Although the "flipping" aspect of the logo may not be obvious in its static form, it's likely designed with animation in mind, for inclusion at the beginning of movies, television shows and video games. How that design might translate to comics remains to be seen.

Comic Book Resources has contacted DC for comment but received no response.

The publisher's current logo debuted in May 2005 as part of an effort to emphasize the DC brand across all media. Designed by Josh Beatman of Brainchild Studios, the "swoosh" replaced the Milton Glaser-created "bullet" the company had used in one form or another since 1977.

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