Is this another clue to Marvel's <i>Reborn</i>?

Cartoonist Kyle Baker posts a character sketch "for an upcoming Marvel gig" that's sure to further fan speculation about Captain America #600 and the mysterious Reborn miniseries.

The Golden Age-style illustration depicts Isaiah Bradley, from 2003's Truth: Red, White & Black, as Captain America. The miniseries, by Baker and writer Robert Morales, followed a regiment of black soldiers who were used as involuntary test subjects in the U.S. government’s super-soldier program.

Some have speculated that July's Reborn, by Ed Brubaker and Bryan Hitch, won't feature the return of Steve Rogers as the Sentinel of Liberty, but instead center on characters and concepts from Truth -- something virtually guaranteed to deliver Civil War-level media coverage.

Could Baker's sketch be another clue to Marvel's big July event, or is it something completely unrelated?

Of course, there's always a third option: that it's a red (white and blue) herring.

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