Is There Really Going To Be A Pac-Man Movie?

Is former Marvel movie executive Avi Arad about to announce a movie version of Pac-Man? And, if so, who could play the hungry hero? It'd have to be someone bald, unstoppable and unafraid of ghosts. My money is on Vin Diesel.

/Film points out that Arad is scheduled to unveil a new "Pac-Man project" on June 15th during Namco's 30th birthday celebrations for the character at this summer's E3 convention, and makes the logical leap that said project is likely to be a Pac-Man movie. They then go on to ask, "What would a Pac Man movie adaptation even be about? What would it involve? How would it even work?" which suggests that they don't remember the animated genius that was Pac-Mania:

While I'm doubtful that any Pac-Man movie would actually be any good, I hope against hope that I'm wrong, merely so I can make a pun about it being Oscar nom-nom-nominated at some point in the future.

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