Is the world ready for Foreskin Man?

"Intactivist" Miles Hastwick spends his days curating the Museum of Genital Integrity. But when a baby is in danger of having his foreskin removed by the evil Dr. Mutilator, Hastwick rips off his goatee and becomes Foreskin Man.

Written and created by Matthew Hess, president of an anti-circumcision organization, the comic "uses popular art to shine a spotlight on the practice of infant circumcision," Hess told SalemNews.com. "Over the years there have been a lot of rationalizations and justifications to keep it going, but the bottom line is that forced circumcision violates human rights. I hope this story will help convince some people of that in a way that words alone cannot."

The comic is about what you would expect in terms of plot; there's a somewhat disturbing panel on the first page featuring a museum exhibit of a circumcision, but no real babies are harmed, by genital mutilation or otherwise. Probably the most graphic aspect of the comic is the fact that Foreskin Man walks around with a penis emblem on his chest. Uncircumcised, of course.

The 12-page comic can be downloaded or read online at Foreskinman.com.

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