Is the world ready for a Ra's al Ghul-inspired hip hop album?

Following a contentious presidential election, what better to bring the country together than a hip hop concept album inspired by a fictional centuries-old eco-terrorist? Nothing, I say!

Luckily a divided nation now has Ra's al Ghul, released this week by Los Angeles-based MC/producer Frank John James (and available for download here).

"Loosely based on the DC comic book villain, traditionally found opposite Batman," he writes on his website. "I take you inside the mind of a man trying to balance good and evil, hoping to bring an end to suffering through any means necessary. About midway through, I spend four tracks paying homage to the origins story found in the 1992 comic Birth of the Demon."

The 15 tracks feature such lyrics as "Like Two-Face, who brought down countless individuals/With nothing but a book of broken laws and judge criminals" and "Born in the 14th century to a nomadic family/Handed me nothing of interest, but the sand under my feet." Catchy and geeky!

Titans #33

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