Is Superman still renouncing his citizenship?

The Internet may have exploded when Superman announced his intention to renounce his U.S. citizenship last month in Action Comics #900, but there was no similar hullabaloo two weeks ago when he kissed and made up in Superman #711.

What should we make of this apparent reversal in attitude? Is Superman #711 even meant as a commentary on Action #900? Doubtful. The issue of citizenship isn't even brought up. Most likely it's a case of left and right hands not talking to each other.

One of the most frustrating things about keeping up with corporate characters across multiple series is these inconsistencies. Usually it's just something like, "Hey, why is Batman teaming up with Wonder Woman in this story? They just had a huge, unresolved fight over in Detective Comics." But when it involves a story that received national attention from the general news media, it's especially jarring.

As a reader, how do you resolve these situations in your mind? Do you even feel it's an issue? Do you think Superman is still going to renounce his citizenship? Do you believe he ever really was?

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