Is Stephen Amell Ready For a Rematch With WWE's Stardust?

After months and months of buildup, Stephen Amell arrived at SummerSlam last night, where he made his in-ring debut teaming with Neville against King Barrett and the actor's wrestling arch-nemesis, the colorfully costumed Stardust. But after acquitting himself so well in his first-ever wrestling match, is there more squared circle action in the "Arrow" star's future?

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Following a comic book-style promo for the match, Amell entered the arena, as expected, in a green hood to join "The Man That Gravity Forgot" against the two villains, who commentator (and sometimes comic artist) Jerry Lawler said "could make the Joker stop laughing."

The comic book references continued throughout the match's commentary, with mentions of The Flash and Thor's hammer. Stardust channeled his best internal supervillain (Granny Goodness, perhaps?) before and during the match, as he and Barrett gave Amell a beating. But the man who will play Casey Jones in the next "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" backed up everything he said on Raw last week, giving as good as he got, and getting in several impressive moves of his own.

But is this truly the end? Amell was asked following the SummerSlam tag-team match whether the long-running feud has finally been put to rest."I don't know if it ... I don't know it it's over yet," he replied. "I can't tell."

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