Is Spider-Man "Fun"?

In a recent interview, Steve Wacker brought up an interesting point regarding Spider-Man and whether his title is a "fun" book.

Here is Wacker on the point:

People have this view of Spidey as a "fun" book that I've never understood. Going back to the beginning, this character is built on tragedy and drama and that's what we're aiming for, just like Stan did, just like Gerry Conway did, just like Len Wein did, just like Roger Stern did, just like Tom DeFalco did, just like J.M. DeMatteis did, just like JMS did (to name a few). Those guys all hit the mark and hopefully we can too.

I think Wacker makes a strong point, that while Spider-Man is always going to have humor in it, it HAS always been more of a darker type of book, hasn't it?

"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" is a somber message, not a fun one.

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