Is Seth Rogen Bringing "Preacher" to AMC?

In what seems like a regular occurrence, another round of rumors regarding the Garth Ennis-Steve Dillon Vertigo series "Preacher" have hit the Internet.

Yesterday Bad Ass Digest reported that AMC, home of "Mad Men" and "The Walking Dead," has ordered a pilot of "Preacher." No creators or cast were attached to the project, but coincidentally - or maybe not so much - actor Seth Rogen began dropping "Preacher"-related hints on Twitter.

"Looks like about seven of years of hard work are about to pay off. I may get to bring one of my favourite stories ever to life," he tweeted. He followed that by tweeting out the names of characters from the series: "Arseface. John Wayne, The Saint of Killers."

While these two separate incidents could be related, nothing official has been announced yet.

"Preacher," which was published from 1995 to 2000 by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, ran for 66 issues. In the comic, Texas preacher Jesse Custer goes on a search for God with his hitwoman girlfriend Tulip O'Hare and an Irish vampire named Cassidy.

The quest to bring "Preacher" to the screen has proven to be almost as difficult as finding God -- at various times "Preacher" has been linked to movie or television projects involving D. J. Caruso, Kevin Smith, Mark Steven Johnson and Darren Aronofsky, among others.

Will this latest round of rumors finally bring it to the screen? Stay tuned to CBR News to find out.

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