Is Rogue Trooper Heading to Hollywood?

Rumors have been circulating online that a "Rogue Trooper" movie, based on the cult 2000 AD property, is currently being shepherded into production with Grant Morrison penning the screenplay. First mentioned in a Daily Record interview with Morrison and noticed by Bleeding Cool, 2000 AD and parent company Rebellion have remained silent on the issue.

When approached by CBR News about the Morrison report, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley confirmed that the publisher is currently in discussions with Hollywood studios for the film rights to two 2000 AD properties, though he stopped short of confirming "Rogue Trooper" as one of the properties being negotiated for.

"Everyone's seen the explosion in comic origin movies over the last ten years," Kingsley told CBR. "But 2000 AD's characters are very different to your normal spandex-clad beefcake superhero -- for one they're mostly not superheroes, they're cool and stylish but flawed and unashamedly visceral, with strong back stories and the potential for great scripts. In other words, they're perfect for movies. Don't forget, we've had some of the biggest names in comics writing get their start with us -- Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Peter Milligan... Maybe we've been slightly overlooked because we're the other side of the Atlantic, but we've been very much noticed now.  Two other major pictures are in negotiation right now, but we've always been clear that we want the movies to do justice to the original comic story."

Kinglsey stated that the two properties are in addition to the current "Judge Dredd" production, set for September, 2012 release. The Dredd film, starring Karl Urban as the titular character, has been heralded as a "proper" adaptation of the movie rather than the watered down version presented in the 1995 Sylvester Stallone vehicle.

"Rogue Trooper" follows a genetically engineered soldier who decides to break off from his squad and fight his own battles on an alien planet. Created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons in 1981, the comic has seen the work of dozens of creative teams, been the subject of a video game and was rebooted in the 90s by Gibbons.

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