Is Matt Fraction the next writer on <i>Thor</i>?

Buried in that interview at ICv2.com with Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley may just be the name of the permanent writer for Thor.

Discussing the company's new, "less line-wide" approach to crossovers, Buckley says: "I’ve read what Fraction wants to do with Thor and it’s really cool stuff by itself."

Matt Fraction, who rose to prominence at Marvel with The Immortal Iron Fist, Uncanny X-Men and The Invincible Iron Man, in 2008 penned four well-received Thor one-shots that helped to fill the voids left by delays in the J. Michael Straczynski-written monthly series.

When Straczynski hinted in May that he might be leaving the title because of the crossover that became Siege, Fraction's was the name mentioned first and most frequently by fans as a fitting replacement.

The six-issue arc by Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan continues through Thor #610, which presumably mean's Fraction's tenure would begin in May 2010 -- following the conclusion of Siege.

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