Is Marvel preparing for a 'Siege of Asgard'?

Writer J. Michael Straczynski doesn't care much for Big Event Comics, a position he makes abundantly clear in this interview -- right before he announces what may be Marvel's next Big Event: "Siege of Asgard."

"It's my view that a Big Event should be in service to the individual titles, not the other way around," Straczynski tells Newsarama. "In other words, the BE serves as something of a sampler platter for characters who you might not otherwise read. You read the BE, find Character X interesting, then go and check out his or her book. Now it seems like the tide flows the other way, with the titles bent in service to the Big Event in ways that may actually reduce accessibility to or interest in that character for new readers."

He chalks up part of the success of his stint on Thor to the series' "self-contained, self-sufficient and self-directing" nature before adding, "Of course, now that the Siege of Asgard Big Crossover Event is looming before me, I have to do some serious and hard thinking about the future."

What, and when, is "Siege of Asgard"? Good questions. Straczynski doesn't make further mention of it (though it's presumably one of those "freaking Big Crossover Events" he tries to avoid).

Still, that single reference has piqued the interest of fans, at least some of whom interpret Straczynski's "serious and hard thinking" as a suggestion that the writer could leave Thor.

"I hope that JMS remains, but if Marvel will not allow him to tell his stories, I will understand if he chooses to leave," Moeris writes on the Marvel message board.

Lordodin1973 posts: "I understand JMS' frustration, especially when his baby is at the mercy of other writers who have played absolutely no part in shaping and developing 'this' current Thor. Thor as we know him is JMS' Thor, and I would be passed if any other writer, tie-in, or special event misrepresented JMS' brilliant work. NO artist wants his craft screwed with, plain and simple!"

But while reaction at Marvel.com to the possible event is largely negative, at the Comic Book Resources forum, response is a little more mixed. A little.

"Interesting," writes Beast. "I guess it will be Loki's Mighty Avengers against Norman's Dark Avengers for control of Asgard? At least from the whole fact that Loki's screwing with Norman for some reason."

"Yay. Another event," adds Alan2099. "Let me know when Marvel finally starts letting the dust settle between their massive changing everythng status quo shake ups. I might actually go back to reading them again."

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