Fallen Angel: Is the Canceled Lucifer Even Worth Saving?


May saw the cancellation of several long-running Fox shows including The Last Man On Earth, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Lucifer, all of which have a considerably vocal fanbase. It's one of the reasons why Brooklyn Nine-Nine was able to survive in the end, as many petitioned for the show's return, including notable fans such as Mark Hamill who tweeted and brought attention to show until it was picked up by NBC. Amazingly, the cancellation and renewal of the comedy all happened in less than two days, a testament to the amount of power fans actually have when it comes to television.

Now, fans and the cast of Lucifer are hoping that their show will be saved in much the same way. But while Tom Ellis has been quite open and vocal, you might have noticed that the show hasn't received nearly as much attention as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Right now there's just a lot of discussion and uncertainty, which raises the question: Is the show even worth saving?

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While it features a loose adaptation of the character created by Neil Gaiman, Lucifer at its core is a procedural cop drama embellished with supernatural elements that help the show explore all aspects of faith and humanity, as well as a persistently killer soundtrack. It was initially unique enough to draw a solid audience, but since its first season, the show has seen a steady decline in ratings.

Season 1 had a strong start with seven million viewers for the pilot episode, and an average of four million. That changed over the course of the second season, which saw an average of 3.6 million viewers before sinking to an average of 3.2 million by the of Season 3. Oddly enough, with the exception of the third season, the show's ratings don't generally reflect the critical reception, which varies quite a bit over the course of the series. The inconsistencies in critical reception might be explained by the show's tendency to drift in theme and tone, which in turn leads us to wonder what, exactly, the show would do with a fourth season -- and whether it'd be worth another network's time and money to find out.

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