Is Deckard a Replicant? 'Blade Runner's' Ridley Scott Answers Age-Old Question

Any fan of Blade Runner knows the debate: By the end of the 1982 sci-fi classic, do you think that Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a replicant? While that discussion is sure to continue, director Ridley Scott had a definitive answer for fans while speaking with Digital Spy during a press junket for Exodus: Gods and Kings.

"He is definitely a replicant," said Scott, laughing. "He picks up a unicorn, looks at it and goes, 'Oh God.' He is. The whole investment of Eddie Olmos through the movie is that origami means he was there. It said, 'I know something nobody else knows: you dream of unicorns in your downtime.'"

Reports circulated in November that Scott wouldn't be directing the anticipated Blade Runner sequel, although in early December, the filmmaker indicated the decision wasn't set in stone.

“It’s a tricky one because it’s so personal and the script is very, very good. Very good,” Scott said. “I wouldn’t know [what I want in another director]. It’s a hard to track, because it’s such a personal piece of my work — maybe one of the most pieces I did that I got so beaten up for it that I’d never ask someone to try that again. But here it is, sitting there ready to be made.”

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