Is Building Stories a New Comic Book?

It is getting to be that time of year where we pick what we feel were the best comics of 2012. However, when I pick my "Top Ten" list, I only vote for "new" comic books, comics that were first released in print in 2012 (so print collections of online comics still counts as a "new" but stuff like, say, Major League Chew, which collected Chew #21-25, would not, as I'd just vote for Chew for the issues of the series that came out in 2012).

So when it comes to Chris Ware's Building Stories, where nearly the entire thing HAS been released in various print publications over the years, but in disparate collections and never put together with a lot of extra stuff, does it count as a NEW comic book?

Either way, Building Stories is REALLY good and you should definitely buy it, but whether it ends up on my Top Ten list will depend on your votes!

(I'm just looking for a quick answer here, so I disabled comments)

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