Is an <i>Office</i> Reboot in the Works?

When we first heard Steve Carrell would leave The Office at the end of the seventh season, it seemed like a huge change for the NBC sitcom. Ed Helms stepped in to fill the role in more ways than one, but the changes haven't stopped there: Actress, producer and writer Mindy Kaling set up a new sitcom at Fox, while rumors began to circulate about a Dwight-centric spinoff that would not only take Rainn Wilson away from the show, but also showrunner and actor Paul Lieberstein.

Now Deadline reports that Greg Daniels, who brought the British comedy to the United States, has a meeting to pitch NBC what's being called The Office 2.0. The series wouldn't be completely new, but rather would feature some existing cast members -- although likely missing original cast members John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and B.J. Novak, whose contracts expire at the end of this season, and Helms.

Some reports contend the cast wants to return for a ninth season, but we probably won't know what's really happening for a while.

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