Is a Young Justice Character Coming to the DC Extended Universe?

DC Comics Young Justice Season 3 lineup

To the benefit of longtime DC Comics readers, tt's become increasingly likely that their favorite obscure character from the decades-old comapny's lore makes the jump to the big-screen, considering all the movies Warner Bros. and DC Films have in the pipeline. And it now seems a character from a recently-revived animated show will be making that jump.

Reportedly, one of the characters from Young Justice, which has a third season set to come out next year, is set to join the cast of an upcoming DCEU film. According to Shawn Madden of The Marvel Report, one of the many teen heroes of Young Justice will show up in an oncoming DC film.

Upon intense questioning by fans, Madden did share some more details. For one, the character will not be in next week's Justice League, but a movie that currently has no set release date. And when asked by several fans to narrow it down -- which is totally fair, since there are a lot of teen heroes on that show -- Madden gave a list of a dozen names, which you can see below.

Now, on one hand, it's worth taking this with a grain of salt. At the moment, DC has yet to say anything on the matter. But, let's assume that this is true. Let's take a stab at what character this could be.

With those 12 characters, it's easy to knock two names off the list: Lagoon Boy and Wonder Girl. The former is an Atlantean, and the latter an Amazon. Both movies that it would be sensible for them to be in -- Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2, respectively -- both have release dates that have been firmly announced. Kid Flash can also be disqualified, as it's unlikely that he would be in a movie without the proper setup, and with Kiersey Clemons' cameo as Iris West in Justice League cut, Wally's disqualified.

At the moment, there are 14 DC Extended Universe films without a release date: solo movies for Batgirl, Deadshot, Black Adam, The Batman, Lobo, Harley Quinn & Joker, Gotham City Sirens, Flashpoint, Justice League Dark, Nightwing and Deathstroke, and sequels for Suicide Squad, Justice League and Man of Steel. With those films in mind, some characters can be eliminated -- namely Beast Boy, Guardian, Miss Martian, Artemis, Speedy, Rocket and Static. These characters are either locked-in to other forms of media such as television (see: Beast Boy, Static, and Rocket), need to be introduced gradually (Artemis, Speedy, and Martian), or have a spotty media presence overall (Guardian).

Therefore, there's only one character who could come to the DCEU: Blue Beetle, either Ted Kord or his successor Jaime Reyes. He's a character that has a more consistent media presence outside of Beast Boy. Jaime's a recurring character on both Young Justice and Justice League Action, along with being a Teen Titan in the DC animated films, in addition to being in Injustice 2. Jaime may not have much of a live action presence beyond one episode of Smallville, but Kord was originally planned to be used for Arrow before DC told the Arrowverse crew that they had "other plans" for Kord, so it stands to reason that Jaime has that same rule as well. And, more importantly, Beetle has an in that may slim down what movie he would be in: thanks to Rebirth, Jaime's Scarab has had its mythology retconned. Instead of being an alien device, the Scarab is actually magic, which would tie in nicely to both Justice League Dark and Black Adam.

Again, that's only if what Madden says is true, of course. We won't know until WB gives the final word, but all things considered, Blue Beetle in the DCEU would be pretty cool.

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