Is a <i>Walking Dead</i> video game in the works?

Could the popular zombie series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard be moving from comics page to television screen to game console? Signs point to ... maybe.

Video-game website 1Up reports it received an invitation from Telltale Games to a Feb. 17 event at which the developer will announce five new multi-platform projects, including "one based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it."

It's a fine bit of hyperbole that, nevertheless, hints at The Walking Dead, whose TV adaptation broke ratings records for AMC and received critical acclaim (including a Golden Globe nomination). The only other "just-launched property" that comes to mind is Cartoon Network's Young Justice. However, that fledgling series has yet to achieve the heights -- or the hype -- of life-changing popularity.

As 1Up's Frank Cifaldi notes, while there's no evidence to push this beyond a tantalizing theory, the property "fits Telltale's style of games rather well." The San Rafael, Calif.-based company has developed episodic games based on CSI, Wallace & Gromit and Jeff Smith's Bone. It's now working on series for the Jurassic Park and Back to the Future franchises.

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