Is A New "Gotham" Photo Teasing Professor Pyg's Arrival?

"Gotham" continues to tease its upcoming season, today posting a cryptic tweet promising the appearance of "a different kind of circus" on the pre-Batman drama.

While the photo certainly is nice, showing a traditional circus set up across the river from Gotham City, the text is pretty vague. Last season saw the arrival of Haly's Circus, the iconic location of the death of Dick Grayson's parents, into the "Gotham" mythos, bringing with it Dick's as-yet unwed parents and the introduction of Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan), who may or may not eventually become the Joker.

While circus-style settings aren't uncommon in DC Comics lore -- Deadman's origin is based on his death while performing on a trapeze, and an abandoned carnival is the location of the final battle between Batman and Joker in "The Killing Joke -- the phrase "different kind of circus" would indicate that viewers might want to look a little beyond the obvious for the answer to the clue.

Which leads us to Professor Pyg, a relatively new addition to Batman's rogues gallery, but one who would fit nicely into "Gotham's" pre-vigilante era. Created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, Pyg kidnaps, lobotomizes and fuses grotesque masks to people, turning them into Dollotrons in an attempt to make them "perfect." The Dollotrons are also used as his fully-controlled henchman as he attempts to take over Gotham City's underworld.

Not only was Professor Pyg's original headquarters located in an abandoned circus, he eventually gathers a group of like-minded minions he dubs the Circus of Strange. It's also worth noting that Pyg may very well be on the "Gotham" team's radar; when a henchman in Season One was seen wearing a pig mask in a promo for the series, fans quickly hypothesized that Pyg would soon arrive in Gotham City.

There's a different kind of circus coming this fall. #Gotham pic.twitter.com/4UGWHkDwkl

- Gotham (@Gotham) August 11, 2015

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