Irwin Hasen, creator of Wildcat and Dondi, dies at age 96

Artist and cartoonist Irwin Hasen passed away Friday morning at the age of 96. Hasen most famously co-created Wildcat with Bill Finger and the beloved orphan comic strip Dondi with Gus Edson.

"[Hasen] was DC's last surviving artist from World War II," comic historian Michael Uslan told the New York Daily News. "So DC’s ‘Golden Age of Comics’ has come to a close, 77 years after it began."

Before joining the Army during World War II, Hasen found himself drawing the likes of The Green Hornet, The Flash and The Fox for Harry "A" Chesler. After the war, he returned to DC to work on Green Lantern, Johnny Thunder and Justice Society of AmericaDondi, a strip about a war orphan, ran from 1955 to 1986.

Hasen was present for a panel discussion at New York City Comic Con 2012, during which he discussed his long career in comics. You can read all about it here.

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