Irredeemable #6

Story by
Art by
Peter Krause
Colors by
Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by
Ed Dukeshire
Cover by
BOOM! Studios

Mark Waid continues to be evil, if by evil you mean able to write a really compelling, enjoyable to read comic book. This series has surprised readers and reviewers over and over again, and this issue doesn't drop any major bombs on the reader, but it does provide a series of gasp-worthy moments. Flashbacks to moments that have shaped the psyche of a former hero blended with scenes set in the current time as the Plutonian's former allies try to find a way to curb his rampage provides a real quick read. I actually went back and re-read the book just to make certain that I didn't miss anything. I didn't, and the book was just as compelling the second time through.

This issue features a new take on the old "do the dirty work while I stall the bad guy" sequence that is not going to end well for Charybdis. I call it a new take because of just how terribly it's going to end for all involved. The gambit offers Paradigm's best hope at stopping the Plutonian, but it also puts them at an astonishing risk.

Krause continues to turn in consistently impressive art. This story might not be as compelling with a different artist, but thankfully we don't have to worry about discovering out if that would be true. Krause's depiction of this Superman analog is meticulously executed from the way Krause interprets the use of the Plutonian's powers to the telltale visual differences between the Plutonian of yesterday and the current interpretation. It bears worth mentioning that the flashback sequences are not framed by a rule while the current day panels are bounded -- a subtle execution on page, but an effective one nonetheless.

"Irredeemable" is one of the best titles that BOOM! has put out in 2009, which is quite a banner year for the fledgling publisher. The recent offering of the 99¢ issue and the trade paperback have given fans ample opportunity to jump on to this title. To make it even easier and to illustrate the depths of evil that Mark Waid has achieved, the "Previously. . . " page makes this book completely accessible, even if this is a reader's first issue.

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