IronE Singleton Reflects On T-Dog's Battle with "The Walking Dead"

Major spoilers for the Nov. 4 episode of "The Walking Dead" are included in this article.

Though some could argue that the deaths of T-Dog and Lori were a long time coming, it was hard not to be affected by the way both bravely met their demises on the latest episode of AMC's hit zombie thriller "The Walking Dead."

T-Dog in particular went out a hero. After being bit on the back by a walker, he later sacrificed himself, allowing a cluster of zombies to tear him apart in order for Carol to escape. This is a death IronE Singleton, the actor who plays T-Dog, said was fitting for him as a character.

"I am totally and completely satisfied in how the show went," Singleton said during a conference call the day after the episode aired. "It's not my call to really say that I wanted more or less or anything like that."

Originally, T-Dog was only supposed to appear in a couple of episodes in Season 1, but Singleton's role expanded into a recurring one with the actor eventually becoming a series regular, with T-Dog finally being a full-fledged main character by the time he died. Since T-Dog was a character unique to "The Walking Dead" television series -- he doesn't exist in the comics -- Singleton said he enjoyed getting to watch the character grow.

"I think it was very liberating because, as an actor, to start as a clean slate," he said. "Whatever you do or whatever you come up with or whatever you decide on, you go with it, and if the director and the execs like it, they'll ask you to stick with it."

It was earlier this year that Singleton received what he called the "death call" from showrunner Glen Mazzara. Though Singleton didn't have direct input into how T-Dog went out, the final result is a death scene he's very proud of.

"I didn't have a say directly, but I'm wondering if the execs were just listening to my interviews. I was asked, if T-Dog dies, how would I like to get to die? I said, 'Just heroically. To go out a hero the way T-Dog did very special to me.

"As far as getting my flesh ripped apart by zombies, it's really fun. You should try it sometime!"

If he could, there is one thing Singleton would change -- the fact that he was not able to spend as much time as he would have liked with all of his costars. "I would have liked to have a scene with each individual cast member," the actor lamented. "Like, just a one-on-one."

That includes Michael Rooker's Merle, who only recently returned to "The Walking Dead" after being left behind in Season 1. Singleton joked that there still is a slim chance that could happen, since we didn't specifically see T-Dog get shot in the head (though we did see him get torn apart by walkers).

"Maybe Merle can have that encounter with T-Dog zombie," he said with a laugh."That would have been special!"

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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