"Iron Wok Jan" Volume 24 in Stores Now!

Official Press Release

San Jose, CA -   DrMaster Publication, Inc. has just announced the publication of Iron Wok Jan, volume 24, the continuation of the popular series by author Shinji Saiyjo.

The ostrich competition is on! But Jan is in big trouble this time ... every time he gets near one of the ostriches, they run for their lives! Jan's bloodthirsty nature drives their adrenaline up, making for very poor ostrich meat... But never fear, for Jan has a trusted ally! He's small, cute, golden and he's going to make Jan win this competition!

Jan is the protagonist you will love to hate- a master chef with a devious heart and the culinary wizardry of a world-renowned gourmet savant! Each issue of Iron Wok Jan is filled with intricate true-to-life recipes you can almost taste and smell.

WARNING: Exposure can induce extreme waves of salivation and ravenous hunger!

Praise for Iron Wok Jan :

"Call it a guilty pleasure or a fun read, whatever it takes to put a copy of this book in your hand, particularly if you have any cooking ability about you. Even if you don't, this is a book that will make you smile."-IGN.com

"Brilliant! Honestly I do not think there is a more inspired manga out there. Battle cooking in IWJ stretches the imagination and is a unique take on action that never lets down. This volume is the reason why one should pick up this series - cooking that inspires people to want to explore the world of food. Iron Wok Jan inspires readers to explore the diverse world of manga - cooking, sports, mahjong, pachinko, salaryman, OL, teaching, edu-manga... There is a big world out there; IWJ is just the start."-animeondvd.com

Shinji Saijyo started his manga career in 1992 with Kaiki Doumei ( What Mysterious Fellows! ) in Shonen Champion from Akita Publishing. He is best known for Iron Wok Jan, which was serialized for five years from 1995-2000 with a total of 27 volumes.


Iron Wok Jan, volumes 1-24 are available NOW. Visit   www.drmasterbooks.com for more detailed series information.

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