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After nearly five years of publishing their own line of titles, Aspen Comics is proud to announce the release of their first ever individually-creator-owned property, the pulse-pounding action-adventure series Iron and the Maiden. From the mind of Jason Rubin, creator of the worldwide best-selling video game series Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, Iron and the Maiden combines his opening foray into comic books with some of the industry's top heavyweight talents along for the ride.

Joe (Ultimates 3) Madureira and Jeff (The Batman) Matsuda helped Jason Rubin's extraordinary comic vision come to life by providing character designs for Iron and the Maiden, a four issue mini-series portraying an alternate-universe 1930s metropolis. "The City" is struggling to survive a three-way battle for power between The Government, the ominous religious sect The Order, and the seedy criminal underbelly led by The Syndicate. Caught in the middle of this war for power, Michael Iron discovers firsthand the meaning of sacrifice, his only hope for survival coming in the form of a forgiving Angel and several more unexpected surprises along the way! Jason Rubin on the journey of Iron and the Maiden's production:

"Iron and the Maiden has been stuck in my head for over 8 years. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience to work with such great talent as Joe Madureira, Jeff Matsuda, Francis Manapul, Joel Gomez, and Danimation, and to finally bring this series out."

Iron and the Maiden #1, debuting in stores on August 1st, will feature 50/50 split covers by Francis Manapul, and a Joe Madureira/Jeff Matsuda compilation cover. The series will also feature a host of guest covers by Jim Lee, Michael Turner, Jeff Matsuda, Chris Bachalo and many more. The new Aspen Comics series will also break the standard comic book format with each issue jam packed with 28 full pages of story. Even though the series' books will all be slightly oversized, Aspen is offering each with a 100% Guaranteed Shipping assurance, or the books will be fully refundable to retailers. Editor-In-Chief Vince Hernandez discusses Aspen's guaranteed shipping promise:

"Iron and the Maiden represents everything we look for in a property. It is an innovative story alongside gorgeous artwork created by the industry's finest talents. Jason Rubin is a brilliant creator whose work in the video game industry speaks for itself, and we couldn't be happier to have his first comic vision in our line of books! Because each book in the entire series is completed, we're going above and beyond industry standards to max out the enjoyment factor for readers and retailers alike by making the issues larger, but still delivering each one to store shelves - on time - every month - guaranteed."

The world of Iron and the Maiden is designed by Joe Madureira and Jeff Matsuda with background and concept designs by Blur, and is brought to life through the stunning pencils of Francis Manapul and Joel Gomez, with vibrant colors by Danimation. The creative team's sprawling cityscapes and in-your-face action set pieces help to bring the aforementioned designer's visualization to life in dramatic fashion.

In combination with the guaranteed release of Iron and the Maiden on August 1st, Aspen is planning to celebrate the big debut with a host of events.

The "Countdown to Iron Day" begins now. www.AspenComics.com is center stage for the countdown providing all the latest news and events for Iron and the Maiden. www.ComicSpace.Com/IronandtheMaiden kicks off the festivities with the "Prove Your Meddle, Show Us Your Iron" official Iron and the Maiden contest featuring daily prizes EVERYDAY until "IRON DAY" explodes on August 1st. Fans will be able to view new and exciting Iron and the Maiden art and previews, as well as enter the official contest offering a full-throttle amount of prizes on the aforementioned official Iron and the Maiden Comicspace page. "IRON DAY" will feature the guaranteed release of Iron and the Maiden #1 worldwide to comic shops along with more exciting news and events to follow. Check www.AspenComics.com for more details.

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